a rather insane anime journal ^^;
2001-10-09 23:25:59 (UTC)

^^ The insane ramblings of an anime otaku...

:) Here I am, minna!


::blinks more::

Um... I've never had an online journal before, so... I'll
just ad-lib it... :) I am, rather obviously, an anime
otaku. Um, my favorite animes are... Bishoujo Senshi
Sailormoon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon Adventure/Zero
Two/Tamers, Tenchi Muyou! Ryo-ohki, Pocket Monsters,
Dragonball/Z (GT is screwy ...), Ranma 1/2, aaaand... Shinseiki
Evangelion. :) I think that's it...

More on me: I'm 12, seventh grade, love music ('specially anime|j-
pop/rock|punk rock|techno|new age), and... ^^; I like animals-
'specially the famlies of cats and dogs an' stuff. :D You'll be
hearing more from me later... (mua ha ha ha ha)

I've also got a couple of people living in my head- such as FROGMAN!
And the Monkey. And the Japanese Person. And, the most frightening of
all... ME!!!! (mua ha ha ha ha)

So, I guess that's all for now... oh, one more thing: I. Hate.
DUB!!! ::bows:: Arigatou. ::runs off, laughing maniacally::