The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2009-08-04 22:18:13 (UTC)

Her Apartment got rented and he moved out.....

It only took two weeks to rent ma's house, do you know how
heartbreaking that is? i can no longer look up and hear her
telling me "have a good day at work" or are you "having a
bad day today?" I can't take least she did her last
chemo..she went through with it, now hopefully the cancer is
at a stand still and it hasn't continued to spread because
if it has, that's it..nothing left....

Second heartbreak of the 18 year old comes home to
visit (or so i thought)ignores me the whole time he is here,
and i didn't even know what he was up he was
packing all of his shit and up and moved out..come to find
out he's moving in with my younger sister...I am hurt and
PISSED, because there was no warning, just out of the
blue..he's my baby...i felt the empty nest syndrome the
closer he got to turning 18, but i didn't think it would
hurt this damn bad, fuck me running...

Last the recent reader who left me feedback..Thank
You, i'm glad somebody could somewhat relate to my
craziness..because that's what my life is..pure crazyyy

Alright i'm going to finish bawling my eyes out then clean
up my damn kitchen from this BBQ mess i made then go take
the hottest shower that i can and try to fall into a deep
ass slumber until i have to get my fat ass up for work

Tears falling down my cheek,
what's happening to me?
I used to be so strong,
but lately I feel so weak.
all the stress brings me ..........

Until Next Time,