Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2009-08-01 04:35:41 (UTC)

Good Guys

The moment you realize that your relationship with your
boyfriend is no longer existing, you think to yourself, "now
what?" or "who will 'like' me like he did?"


..this planet contains biiiiillions of people all over the
WORLD! Their is bound to be someone similar to you, JUST
like you, complete OPPOSITE of you and ones who WORK WELL
with you under ANY circumstances.

My ex-boyfriend is slowly escaping my mind (after 4months)
as a new one is slowly coming in.

However when we broke up, I kept recalling all our good
times together, but I also kept reminding myself the
bullshit he fed me when we broke up, 'you'll find someone
better', 'I'm not worth it', 'you deserve someone better and
he will treat you better then I did'.

It's true, oh fuck yes it was true!

I went on a date with a friendly, calm, approachable man and
we had a great time together. He was more charming, more
confident, more talkative and friendly to strangers then my ex.
(In the end we decided to stay friends :) and I'm happy with
this decision! )