I Debbie...
2009-07-28 17:53:15 (UTC)

Like What the F

Okay here I am in total bewilderment. I think th eworld
around me has gone totally mad. Truelly. or maybe its just
that the people who are in charge are being allowed to put
other people in semi in charge just for the hell of it and
the rest of us are left holding the bag of ambiguity and
irritation to the point of it bursting all over the place.
Once again you know who gets to sit her big fat ass in th
eoffice oh because they need help with the filing, Like
first of all isn't that managements job. Not to mention
they have someone back now who only has the use of one
arm , so that would be a perfect thing for her to do. Then
they put the girl who was helping me for I don't know the
last three weeks in another room and gave me this pure
imbacile to break me. If that wasn't enough. one kid who
is a bit of a handful was needing to be fed and another
who is a real pain in my ass just got up. And oh did I
forget that this other kid just came in for the day. Only
for a couple of hours and the mom is one of the talkiest
people I have ever met. God love her she spent an hour
with us the one morning to leave him there for like about
two to just say well she came back quicker than she
thought. Oh and oh by the way he just got up and hadn't
eaten at frickin 12 pm. Lunch time. And the clueless one I
had to about instruct like a robot because all she can
hear is commands she is such an idiot. I don't care if it
sounds mean but I kinda hope things get really screwed up
so something happens and that type of shit doeasn't happen
again. The only thing is that it will because the people
who are in charge or think they are in charge are
absolutely and completely and utterly fucking without a
frigin doubt loco !!!!!

I Debbie
I think I feel better now, until I go back you know and
see the utter chaos and have to deal with 5-6 screaming
and unconsoleable kids because I am the only one, sleep
deprived or not have their interest in mind. Truelly I
think the place would be just aweful if there weren't a
handful of us with a head on our shoulders.
Oh and if my dumbass husband makes one more stupid mother
fucking comment I am going to pull out his ass by way of
reaching my hand through his whole urinary system.
Insomnia is not just something that occurs by itself.
There is a reason for it. Telling me to get a perscription
is just wrong because you can get addicted to them so
easily. Better I just drink myself asleep. Then to say to
get to bed early tonight is just as stupid. If it was a
matter of just my head hitting the pillow that would be a
pretty easy solution that by jove I think I would have
thought of that myself. Like dah-hau.
Ok so now Have At It
I Debbie