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2009-07-27 05:10:16 (UTC)


I need somewhere to write and I remembered I had this
account so I'm resurrecting it.

My name is Carey. I'm 25 years old. I'm a history student
living in Ohio and working at a grocery store. Life isn't
too exciting at the moment. I'm on vacation next week so
that'll be a nice break. My family and I are taking a trip
to Michigan at the end of the week. That'll be nice, too.
I've never been there. And it'll be nice to go west for a
change. We always go east when we go on family trips.

I'm trying to plan for next summer. There are 2 vacations,
one is now a maybe. I want to go to the CMA fest with my
best friend and her husband. But seeing as they're moving to
Virginia because Josh has a new job in DC, that may change.
So, instead, I may go see them for a couple days and tour
our nation's capital. I could use the whole week to wander
just the Smithsonian museums. But, I would like to go to the
concerts. Veronica said the tickets are about 2 or $300 and
that gets into all the major shows, side concerts, and meet
and greets! Meet and greets!! If I could meet some of my
favorite singers, that would be so awesome! Even better if I
got some autographs! I think once we confirm if we're going
or not, I'll take some of my scrapbook supplies and make a
little autograph book.

My second trip I want to go on is to see my friend Richard
in Oregon. I've never been so far from home or on a plane so
that'll be a big change twice over. I have been wanting to
go for ages now. Everytime I try to think of planning it,
something comes up. But this time I'm set. I've started
saving money already even though I don't have a date set.
Richard never gets back to me when I bring it up. Not that I
need to know tomorrow. I have to submit my vacation requests
in November or December. I've known Richard since 4th grade.
We went to school together and he moved before our senior
year of high school. If it wasn't for social networking
sites, we would have lost track of each other. Letters only
work for so long, although it would be nice to get something
besides junk and bills in the mailbox. *hey, Richard. if
you're reading this, that's a hint, darlin'* He's so sweet.
I miss him terribly. I saw him about 3 years ago when he
came back to town for a visit. We had breakfast together and
tried to catch up on 5 years. One thing I want to do while
I'm there is see the ocean. It's on my list of things to do
before I'm 50. I made that list when I turned 25 this year
and it's a long list. Lots of it is making up for what I
haven't done in the first 25.

I'm listening to my favorite story. I'm a huge Nora Roberts
fan. I got some audio books from the library to add to my
iTunes. It's called The Circle Trilogy. It's such an amazing
story! The first book is called Morrigan's Cross. The
second, I'm listening to now, is The Dance of the Gods.
Third book is Valley of Silence. It's about a group who has
to battle an army of vampires. My favorite character is
Larkin. He's a shape shifter. The best part is he can turn
into a gold dragon! He's a looker, too. At least that's how
I picture him. Tall, muscular, golden brown hair and eyes,
sexy Irish accent. I've always had a thing for Irish and
Scottish accents.

My grandmother and my best friend, Veronica, got me into
romance books. But, I like books with a storyline. That's
why I like Nora Roberts. Gramm got those Harlequin books in
the mail all the time. She let me borrow one once and I
couldn't get through the first chapter. There was no
storyline! Boy meets girl, boy and girl drop to the floor.
Now, I have a very naive mind. Some may call me a prude. So
reading something like that, I turned as red as a stop sign.
When I set them down, Gramm asked me what was wrong. I told
her I couldn't read it because it had no story. Just
pictureless porn, lol. She just laughed.

My major hobby is scrapbooking. I dabble a little in
photography. I have lots of scrapbooks. It's my creative
outlet when I can't write. Lots of ideas in my head but they
don't want to come to my hands onto paper.

I recently joined Does that make me a loser? I
don't even know why I did it. I am not into dating right
now. I'm still stung from my break-up back in May. I was
with him for almost 3 years and then because I wouldn't have
sex with him he got pissed and I ended it. I always got
scared, I think. Sure, we fooled around plenty but there was
something about taking the next step I just didn't want to
take it. And then to find out that my friends and family
thought he was an ass but because I seemed happy they didn't
want to say anything. So I threw away 3 years when I could
have ended it sooner. But whatever. What's done is done. Now
my focus is working on getting through school, dropping a
few pounds, and enjoying life. When I meet my prince, I'll
live happily ever after. Until then, it's Me time.

I'm running out of things to write about so I'll write again

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