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2009-07-27 01:19:24 (UTC)

Sunday Blahs

So it's Sunday and I feel gross. My head is pounding and
I already feel like I'm going to have trouble sleeping
tonight. This is really annoying. Almost every Sunday I
get a headache, and not just in the evening, but in the
morning, too. I think it's because my
sleeping/eating/living patterns usually get messed up by
Sunday morning, and my body reacts accordingly. By messed
up, I mean that change - sometimes for the better! - but
my body still reacts. I think that is really the crux of
it. Of course, it also doesn't help that it's ridiculous
weather - thunderstorming, humid and pouring rain then
sunny and warm and humid then thunderstorming, etc. It
all makes for uncomfortable heads, really. :( Sigh.

I watched two movies this weekend - Gran Torino and
Closing the Ring. Gran Torino was absolutely fantastic
and I'm really glad I got to see it. I would highly
recommend it! I had wnated to see it for quite some time
and so when I finally got to see it on Saturday, I was
worried I'd be disappointed from having such high
expectations, but I wasn't. It was not a terribly
complicated story on the surface, though the underlying
elements could be analyzed until the cows come home, but
it held together wonderfully and was well worth the
overall praise it received and the time spent watching
it. The closing song was also excellent!

Closing the Ring is a movie that I think debuted or at
least showed at the Toronto International Film Festival
last year and as I was watching the opening credits, I
yelled out, "[insert actor's name here]!!!" Unbelievably,
I had seen the name of a guy I once worked with, and with
whose my mother my mother had worked (I also worked with
her). He is younger than me and I remember the stupidest
things about him and the conversation we used to have. I
know about the injury to his leg that he is (or was) self-
conscious about; I know about the girl he used to spend
time with at the cottage who was a dead-ringer for Julia
Roberts; and I know about the stupid and funny things he
used to say about the salad ingredients I used to put
together at lunch, specifically with regard to chick
peas. Most of all, though, we used to have a running
silly dialogue over a few lines from Friends, specifically
the intonation and inflection Chandler always used to
use. I was in my mid-teens then, so that information may
help make these silly go-rounds make more sense. :) I
doubt he'd know me to see me, but his mother still knows
me and he'd certainly have vague recollections of our work
together. I say that only because it's one of those funny
things to think about when you're watching a movie and
seeing the people who play these characters, to know you
really do know even the tiniest truly personal bit of
stuff about them, and that you had even the smallest pull
on their gravitational field at some point or another.
Really, the point I'm trying to make is that everyone has
their histories and the factors that go into to making
them who they are, and it was kind of neat to see someone
grown-up now who I knew when they were a kid and to
surmise that perhaps some of our shared history went with
him on his growing-up journey. That probably makes no
sense, but I'm terrible at explaining any of this stuff.
Oh, and when there was a scene in which he had his grown-
up face between the utterly naked breasts of his love
interest, my mother said his name in a scolding fashion,
and I have to admit, I was thinking the same thing. LOL.
You know someone when they are twelve, in some regards,
they are always going to be twelve!

By the way, it was also a pretty good movie. It held
together well, even though it seemed at times that the
plot might convolute itself into something that fell
apart. I enjoyed the way it was piece together and
thought the jumps between past and present were fairly
flawless and well enough executed so that you didn't get
confused as to what was happening when and who the segues
were jumping to. It didn't tear at my heart like I
thought perhaps it should have, but I would recommend it
nonetheless. The story is rather heartbreaking in and off
itself. Go see it.

That's all for now. I need to try to figure out what I'm
going to do for the next couple of hours. I have so many
things I could do but yet I say I'm bored. I want to get
lost in my head but I need something satisfactory to come
of that (as opposed to my lounging around and daydreaming
all the time, of late), and that only happens when I put
pen to paper, but evne that isn't the type of satisfying I
want right now. I want to play back and forth with
someone and the only people I know who can satisfy me with
that are unavailable for various reasons. It's
frustrating. Very frustrating! If only I could just live
with the people inside my head, I think I'd be a whole
heck of a lot...more fulfilled right now. But then, I
wouldn't want to lose ME. I just wish I could incorporate
some of what I have in my head into my current life.
Specifically, some of the people. I could really use to
have some of those people around me right now. In ways
you couldn't even imagine.

I've got to get out of here. Maybe I'll write. Or read.
Or waste time until it's time to sleep, at which point I
probably will toss and turn, get back on the computer,
stay up way too late and start Monday off tired. Hate
that! So going to try to find a way to focus my energies
now on being tired at the appropriate time tonight.

Hope all is well and talk soon -


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