listen to a little girl
2009-07-26 14:41:34 (UTC)

Here I am again!

I feel very de-motivated today. I should really tidy the
house, but I just can't be arsed... oh but it is a mess!
I am waiting for Steeeeeeve to come home, he spent last
night out with his mates in his home town. I think he
should be home by now (it is 3:30 pm), but hey ho. We
have a long summer holipop ahead of us, so no point in
starting arguements. Hey, maybe when he comes home, he
can HELP me tidy? Yeah.

So, I decided -just had a phonecall, he has just set off,
should be an hour or so...- today that I need to lose 3
stone before my wedding next year. I get married in just
over a year. Is a year a feasible amount of time to lose
3 stone? I am going to have to start doing some serious
excercise :(. Tomorrow I am going to aerobics, and maybe
I can get Stevo to play tennis with me as well. That will
be a start. Then, when I start my job in September and we
actually have some money, I can join a gym and go before
school every day at 6am. hmmm... maybe 6:30. Or maybe
after school. So that is my wedding diet plan of action.
Consider it outlined. That, combined with healthy eating,
and I'm also starting lipobind when it arrives in the post
next week. can you feel my enthusiasm?

I will keep updating.

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