Nick's Journal
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2009-07-25 20:10:44 (UTC)


the one good thing about studying for the bar 12 hours a
day, seven days a week is that i am relatively insulated
from the psycho-babble, drivel that is passed off as news.
of course, once in a while, i get so fed up with studying
that i peer out from underneath my volumes of legal papers
and actually sneak a quick peek into the everyday world.
the moment i do that i am accosted by the following
headline: "Obama 'shocked' by response to his comment on
police." well naturally, i had to get in on that.

for those of you who don't like to dabble in news that
shouldn't be news allow me to quickly sum it up for you. a
black professor, Gates, was returning from some trip or
another. he came home, tried to get into his house thorugh
the back door, a neighbor called the cops thinking someone
was burglarizing the house, cops came, hell broke loose,
Gates was handcuffed and charged, and obama, at the tail end
of a tv interview said the officers acted stupidly.

allow me to recreate what i am sure is a completely truthful
and accurate recount of the incident:
Gates gets home from the trip, and god damn it in addition
to this god-forsaken trip, i'm locked the fuck out of my
house!!! we all know the feeling we get when we're locked
out, it's close to insane delusional rage out ourselves and
everything in the world. but wait! there was a way i got
in last time...right? yeah, if i just go around the back
and jimmy the door...yeah i remember last summer, i did the
same thing.
so there Gates goes around the house to his back door, and
likely, to his increased frustration it's not as easy as
first planned. as he becomes increasingly more frustrated a
neighbor notices the commotion and worries there is a
burglary. - now a quick aside on the neighbor...what
neighbor doesn't know what their neighbor lookks like? i
know just about everyone in my neighborhood, on the
flip-side, i'm sure gates was acting "passionately" at this
piont so the neighbor probably wasn't thinking beyond the
"protect this house!" mentality.
cops are coming. ahhh!!! finally!!! got the mother-fucking
door open, now just to go in and..."EXCUSE ME!!!" or
"POLICE!!!" who knows how they accosted him.

so now...gates, a black professor at harvard (i think he
teaches some sort of history) is finally having his entire
world view validated. let's put race aside for a second and
look at the real characteristic that applies here: harvard
i don't know if you've ever had the displeasure of actually
speaking to a harvard professor (or harvard-educated person
for that matter) but they are the most insufferable,
elitist, self-entitled assholes on this earth.
now add race back into the mix. after all i've done, after
all i've been through, and to where i've finally gotten,
i'mi still nothing more than a nigger breaking into a house
to these pigs.
and then the atom bomb explodes.

gates was arrested for "disorderly conduct." disorderly
conduct is code for "acting like an ass." it is when you
are below the level of resisting arrest, but above the level
of beeing a mere dick.
apparnetly gates asked for crowley's (officer's) badge #
many times. i'm sure he didn't ask for it in a respectful
manner. he was probably f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g out. his entire
worldview - that black men are racially profiled - that no
matter how hard he tries he's still trated like dirt - that
he will be disrespected in his own damn home - just came
into ralization.
the dude was probably at an 11 on a scale of 10.

crowley, after a while, was like, alright fuck it, you're
getting charged.

then comes obama. the problem with obama is that he doesn't
know when to shut teh fuck up. he talks too much for his
own good. now i voted for him, and i love him, but jesus
dude, just shut the fuck up! the special olympics gaff and
now this! as the commander in chief, you can not say
anything dumber than "the police acted stupidly" or "cooler
heads would have prevailed."
now i know, this is a buddy, you probably feel the racial
elelmeent like a thorn in your eye, but just shut up!
seriously. there is nothing worse than the COMMANDER IN
CHIEF, derogating an enforcement wing of the government.
it's just stupid.

and of course he realized it right away, but still held on
to some shred of indignation.

now let me talk about indignatino. i have been stopped by
the cops twice and a multiude of times for traffic
infactsion. once, i was stopped on suspicion of shoplifting
(i'm not even going into it, obviusly i hadn't). in fact
this was a former journal entry of mine, i was SO INDIGNANT,
i couldn't even begin to describe it here. the seocnd time,
i was at the airport and got my bags searched for the first
time ever. i was SO FUCKING INDIGNANT. and every time i am
stopped by a cop on the road, i am chocked with indignation.
so let me just say, i empathize with Gates and Obama.
i am white and i get indignant, imagine a black man, who has
felt prejudice all his life getting stoppepd by a cop IN HIS
OWN home. righteous indignation for usre.

but the police were doing what they are meant to do. acting
on a reasonable suspicion that a crime was being committed
(the argument against the issue of "well they were on his
property without a warrant for his arrest").

now, studying constitutional law and criminal procedure i
realize that cops can be bastards. huge bastards who bully
people into inadvertently waiving their constutional rights.
but at hte same time, they deal with some pretty nasty
asswpies as well, and the thought of affording those
lowlifes constitutional privileges leads cops to find
round-about ways to get the to waive them.

so here it is. i stand by the officer here. there doesn't
seem to be any impropriety on his part. i am 110% positive
that Gates acted like an insufferable dirtbag. that the
officer finally thought "fuck it" - disorderly conduct it
is, and was likely right in doing so.

obama should keep it shut. he shouldn't go out maligning
police who have to do their jobs. he definitely shouldn't
act in a PREJUDICIAL MANNER!!! before knowing all the facts.
you see the problem is, when y ou talk a lot, you end up
saying things that aren't too smart, it's just the law of
averages at work here.

let's move on. apparently Gates, Crowley, and Obama are
gonna get fucked up togetehr and laugh it all off,
beautiful, but i can't forgive the fucking media circus and
the attention diverted from health-care reform to get over
this non-issue.