Desitiny's dreams
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2009-07-24 13:35:34 (UTC)

wow i cant believe its almost..

wow i cant believe its almost been a year since jay
passed away.. doesnt feel that long... still feels like i
found out yesterday.. but i am amazed that sooooo many
people miss him yet soooo many people knocked him down
when he was a live.... i went on his facebook the other
day and it seems like everyday someone else deletes him
off theirs i dont get why you would think that they would
want to remember him and right now the best way to do that
is to go on his facebook...i didnt know him long but i
knew him well enough to know that his friends and family
were the most important things in his life... the sad part
is that his friends and family dont understand
that...everyone around him just thought that he was a
drunk and messed right up... he was messed up and he was a
drunk but up until last august for about two months
actually he was sober off drugs and alcohol well up until
he started hanging out with that one person all over
again... the one bad influence in his life...for a good
two weeks before his death he started drinking and using
drugs again and well this one person is the result of
that... to tell you the truth i blame that one person
everyday for jays death i believe in my heart that if he
would of stayed away like he was asked by soooo many
people jay would still be alive...i know that it was an
accident but i still put all the blame on this person...
instead of leaving his body to be found by someone else he
should have been a man and called the approperate people
maybe then either jay would be alive or people would
remember him in a different way in a good way not as the
stupid man that he was becoming.... anyways i just want to
say that jay i miss you more and more everyday more than
you could possibly imagine i will always remember you for
the good that you were and not the bad that you did... i
will remember you for the way that you would make me laugh
and the fun that we had... i miss you sooo much i hope
your having a good life were ever you ended up either way
i will see you on the other side....

Luv your friend