A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-10-09 23:21:40 (UTC)

Happy Bday Melsa!


Its me! and I hafta say..HAPPY 14th MELSA! :-D 2day is her
bday! I went 2 her party 2night @ DJ's! IT was GOOOD! haha!
newayz..i did it AGAIN 2 brian gah..i cant keep my freakin
conversationz 2 myself! LoL! Everyone is telling me 2 tell
the dude i like that i like him. but i have no gutz! so i
dont feel like it. He prolly doesnt like me newayz so why
does it matter! N
Wayz...I am BOREddddd as crap! We're out
of school the rest of the week (YES)! I hope I get 2 do
something fun! Well g2g


14guess you'll find out later~