Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2009-07-18 00:57:03 (UTC)

July 17th, 09

Hello Diary...

Good news, I passed my driver's license. I can now drive!
Finally! It feels great to know that I accomplished this on
my own- I know I can do so much more! I knew that deep down
inside that this is what I wanted and I kept reminding
myself this. School is what I want. School is something I
will accomplish because without it I am nothing.

I have a date next week, well 2, but I just want friendship
with the other one. I think I'm more excited about the
notion of dating because my mind is still wrapped up on my
ex-boyfriend. This should definitely help me clear my head
or at least prove to myself that there are guys out there
who actually want to be with me.

I'm not positive that this guy and I are soul mates (LOL).
We told each other from the beginning that we're going to be
friends for a bit and see if anything evolves from that, be
it friendship or relationship.

I really appreciated his complete honesty from the start and
I think that's when I started to become interested in him.
Confidence and honesty is truly an attractive trait.

Moving on...

I've been more sure of who I am as a person and who I want
to be. I started to see what I really want for myself- goals
I want to accomplish.

The only thing holding me back is time. The synonym for time
is: span, stretch, duration, while, space...

Life is time.

It takes space to heal (being away from people who hold you
It takes a duration of school to know what you want (4 years
and continuing).
It takes a span of years to know who you are (22 years and
It takes awhile to figure everything out... Life

I'm going to take my time if it means that in the end my
life will be perfect. Perfect for me. Only for me.