Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2009-07-14 10:41:50 (UTC)

.. moving, again

Yep. Moving. Again. that time of year, I guess.

So, I'm moving temporarily to Amsterdam, should be hella fun
for the month of august, part of september, But we'll see.

not much really to talk about, I haven't done much, just,
sat around, doing not much at all, waiting, waiting for
things to happen, as they will at thier own pace, to wit, I
have little control over. such is life, such as it is. one
can only hope for rain for so much. ah well.

going to pack today, that should be fun, last thing packed,
is the first thing unpacked, my computer. first thing
packed, is the last thing unpacked, and that would be my
clothes, futon, that kind of thing.