Constant: continuing without pause
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2009-07-07 21:09:56 (UTC)

still havent stopped smiling

Life is beautiful
I am so blessed
God is so forgiving

Garrett asked me on a date last night
this week when hes not busy were going to the movies

Since we've been open about liking eachother
were just..amazing
its silly to say.
but its wonderful

I love my new church Ive been going to.
God is so alive there.
I feel his love so much.
Hes so real.
More than this life.
Im ahh.
im just so amazed

God truly can pick you back up from where you fall
and not just set you back down where you left off but place
you way ahead of that point.
Allowing you to never fall in that same spot again.
Hes always looking out for you
hes your father.

this is very random
but my love for God is all over the place
its something that I cant explain clearly.

its beautiful