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2009-07-05 10:02:18 (UTC)

We're Officially..

In love.

No..not Garrett and I.
Well truly..I dont know.
But Ryann and I are. With our "boys"
She has a old friend cali, andy.
They reconnected a few weeks back and been talking since.
He told her tonight he had fallin in love with her already.
And she feels the same.
I know, I am falling for Garrett. Not love yet, but thats
what I am surely falling into.

Heres the story of what went on tonight.
So I ended up telling ryann I couldnt go to the beach house,
So she still went. I guess it wasnt as much fun as she hoped
and really wished she was with me instead. I ended up at
garretts, like I said I would. Haha.
I hung out with him, max and ben the night.
His house is amazing and we did everything imaginable. Slip
and slide, badminton, table tennis, mini jam session,
randomly throwing rocks at a pole. And of course fire works
and the major flirting.
We ended up in his living room while the guys were playing
acoustic to themselves. Some family friends came to say
goodbye but begged garrett to play hey there delilah.
My God. He is beautiful when he sings.
After that ben left too.
So max and garrett went to the piano to play some acoustic
with the piano.
Once again...garrett blew me away. He made that piano sing.

Finally we left after a good 6 hours there.
In the car I was tickling max to death and every stop light
or straight away Id attack garrett too.
He makes me so happy.

I am so so so in love with God.
Hes the reason for this.
Hes my everything.