Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2009-07-04 12:48:51 (UTC)

talk about wacked

I've been in two accidents since I got my scooter back from
the shop on monday, the first, ON monday, not 5 hours after
I got it back, and then again this morning while I was going
to get breakfast. totally didn't see that coming. now I have
to file two claims... fuck me, what a mind fuck.

in other news the trustee's finally came through on a bunch
of stuff they were supposed to have done weeks ago, long and
short of it, is there's only about 100k left in the trust,
and I'm not so sure it'd be worth it to try and sue them for
stupidity over selling the house, which they never should
have done.. oh well, my own fault for not demanding it. not
that there was a lot I could do, but, such is life. so, now,
I have choices to make. well, pretty close to it anyways.

need to sign some shit, basically stating I won't sue the
fuck out of them, which I had intended on doing, if I don't
sign it, then I have to fuck around, and well, I won't get
what I want right now, it'll happen later. and well, fuck
it. Kneejerk revenge isn't worth it anyways. But it's been a
crap 6 months, and as long as they suck it up, great.

so.. ottawa, again. going to hang out there for a month. and
see where things go. and hopefully, hopefully, everything is
copacetic. otherwise, I think I may just, I dunno, do not
much at all. again. for a while anyways. but like I said,
we'll see. one can always hope for the best.

but, at least I'm two steps away from all the drama being
done and over with. finally, sigh.