Nick's Journal
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2009-06-28 07:41:27 (UTC)


ever since i stopped drinking about 3 years ago i've found
that i really don't like people who are wasted. sure it may
seem hypocritical as there are many a journal entries here
that chronicle my drunken debaucheries. but, i feel like i
left those good times behind in undergrad.

and even when i was getting fucked up drunk in undergrad, i
never really like certain people who got drunk. you know,
the guys who just get mean when they get drunk. i'm talking
about frat guys, those preppy guys who wear the pine-striped
shirts and have gelled up hair. or the guys who think it's
appropriate to wear wife-beaters in public. i've never
liked those drunken guys.

so about a week ago juliann and i had our graduation party.
we reserved a room at a local bar and gathered our friends
there. having been supremely busy with all of my studying i
never had a chance to check the place out. it turned out to
be a haven for the exact drunks that i hated. preppy
assholes who always seemed to be looking for a fight.

i just feel uneasy in those situations. like for example, i
went to go use the bathroom during the night and i had to
push my way through the over-crowded main lobby. stone-cold
sober mind you. on my way i was accosted by a young
gentleman who was what i like to call - "blitzed". his eyes
were vacant. you know that look someone gets when he's just
beyond ripped to the tits? that's the look this guy had.
so on my way to the bathroom i tried my best to avoid him,
but of course it is hard to avoid drunk-stumbling people.
so our paths met and he reached out and put his hand on my
shoulder. i don't know exactly what he wanted so i shrugged
it off, to this he gave a menacing look and tried again.

now at that moment two things flashed through my mind. the
first was, 14 years of mixed-martial arts is about to rain
down on this mother-fucker if he touches me again, and
secondly were all the elements of assault in the second
degree. the latter, coupled with my experience that courts
and future employers never look kindly upon bar fights
regardless of whose fault they were, led me to rather avoid
him than rain the pain.

so it was again tonight. it was 11:30, my head was
pounding, juliann had the car and i had to reluctantly drag
myself to the local grocery store for some blessed nyquil.
i decided to take my dog with me. across from the grocery
store is a nigth club that is once again a haven to all the
drunken asses i hate. and as it was inevitable i once again
had to go by them to get to what i wanted.

on the way there i managed to avoid them all with ease,
moving to the other side of the street. i tied my dog up
and he waited pleasantly outside as i got my nyquil. he was
extremely friendly to the drunk people (mostly girls) who
came up to him and petted him. and then we had to make our
way back.

unfortunately, this time we weren't so lucky. some
extremely wasted guys were not only in the middle of the
street but were also on both sides of the sidewalk, throwing
what appeared to be keys back and forth across the street.
i tried to make a quick dash but unfortuately we were picked
up in their drunken radars. they turned to me and my dog
and of course came towards us with that mischevious
assholish grin that i've learned to hate over the years.

"what a coooooool dog man...can i pet it." they asked
almost in chorus in that farcical tone that drunk guys get
when they think the joke is on everybody in the world but
them. and of course they came towards us in that drunken
shuffling/ambling that is both menacing yet utterly
ridiculous at the same time.

and then, my 90 lb pit bull/german shepherd/rottweiler mix
showed his second display of aggression, ever. the on his
back stood straight up and he let out a low growl. as this
did not deter them and the moved forward in their drunken
guffawing he then let out a growl/snarl coupled with a
deafening bark and what was probably the closest i've ever
seen him at lunging at a person.

the three of them jumped back and one guy screamed,
"mother fucker!!! your dog is not fucking cool!!!" and they
stood there indecisively. i did'nt know what else to do so
i just stood there silently andn waited. my dog was now
pacing in front of me, hair raised, growling and low
menacing barks emanating from his barrel like chest. he had
effectively created a wall between me and them.

finally, i moved forward and my dog pulled as hard as he
could against his prong collar and metal chain, letting out
growls and muffled threatening barks. this finally gave the
guys the impression that they should leave and amongst
muffled threats and general accussations of "pussery" they
relinquished my side of the street for theirs.

oh how i love my dog. and it was really only through my own
body language that he showed aggression. he was fine with
drunk people when he was tied up alone outside. but i guess
my hatred for those fucks just showed itself in my tense
manner as they came towards us. i am very grateful for my
new-found bodyguard. at least with him, i feel as though i
can keep a bit of a barrier between myself and the drunks
who insist on invading my sanity.

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