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2009-06-25 23:28:46 (UTC)


omg!! just got news that michael is dead!!


may he rest in peace, man. you always think that these
people are invincible,
somehow. but for all their fame and all their wealth, and
all their fans they still die. they leave all of
their their accomplishments behind. and the world still
carries on. it's humbling. he's humbling, even in death.
look at the crowd that gathers this very minute. its not
how much wealth or success you possess, that matters, but
its how you touch people.

its always been unimaginable - like i could never imagine
living in a world where michael jackson doesnt exist and
that if it were ever so, as it is now, the world would
suffer some kind of dramatic change. but no. the everthing
goes on.