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2009-06-25 23:22:16 (UTC)

well it would seem...

so im definately not pregnant, it would seem. which
despite my very annoying stomach cramps, is a positive. no
need for a pregnancy test, no need to worry about a
fallopian tube bursting!! wow that would have been a

so ben's still in afghanistan. been having dreams about
him since.. dunno why. they're becoming quite frequent
too. first one about him and morad doing cocaine. he said
to me "hey come here.." or something along those lines...
then the second was the other night, i was about to have a
dream about him - it was like the beginnings of a dream -
i think i was thinking about getting with a girl. and he
said something about it..... then the maintenance guy
knocked on my door!! grr
then my most recent dream which was last night and i was
at school, or in a school. a class room anyways, and he
was the teacher. he was sat on a desk, talking about
something. i was behind him, or like beside him, trying to
touch his leg i think, or thinking about/wanting to, but
cos he was a teacher, he wasnt responding.

i bet that particular dream has some kind of meaning.
especially the fact that he was a teacher. i mean with him
being much older than me, and all.

i read some dream enterpretation articles and it says that
if you dream of a teacher, it symbolises:

A teacher is one more knowledgeable than the Self. The
superconscious mind holds the complete plan for maturity
as spirit, and the previous progress made toward that
maturity. Dream interaction with a teacher indicates a
desire and need for communication and rapport with the
deepest part of mind..

to dream of a teacher symbolises you wanting to learn, to
become more intellectual, to communicate more and to think
more deeply etc. but what does it mean when that teacher
is a boyfriend or a person of romantic interest? does it
mean that that person makes me want to learn...or does it

omg!! just got news that michael is dead!!


rip. you always think that these people are invincible,
somehow. but for all their fame and all their wealth, and
all their fans they still still die. they leave all of
their their accomplishments behind. and the world still
carries on.

its always been unimaginable - i can't imagine living in a
world where michael jackson doesnt exist and that if it
were so, the world would suffer some dramatic change. but
no. the everthing goes on.