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2009-06-23 03:16:58 (UTC)

i want to believe you

clue him in on the merits of rich friendships
clue him in on culture
clue him in on adventure
clue him in on ur interests
clue him in on art

be well read.

im a caring person. and i wont stop that..

the relationships in western culture aren't rich, they're
fickle and frivolous. and not just romantic relationships.
you can see the same person or people for years - your
neighbours etc and yet still behave like ur strangers. why
do the brits have a reputation for being cold and hostile?
its not a rumor that some tourist that didn't have the
best time here, started - it's not plucked out of the air.
there's some truth there.

when i said take care to him it was because i knew i
probably wouldnt see him again for another few weeks, and
i said take care. and i meant it. thats the kind of person
i am. i think about people. i dont have to have known them
for years in advance or have any direct relationship with
them. people dont care about anything anymore, they dont
care about eachother. they take eachother for granted.
people can't be bothered to care. and why would they when
all of that tedious stuff can be done at the click of
button and online? you want to find out how someone is,
why bother calling them up when you can poke them on
facebook? you want to tell your friends about your
holiday, just upload an album and 'invite' them to view
it. and that's that taken care of "i wonder how so&so is
doing? ooh i know, i'll just poke him. you can take care
of every aspect of your life through an iphone.

shave you, read to me, half dressed, film it.