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2009-06-13 20:38:50 (UTC)

some dude named nick. yarrr. whatevarrr

at the party i was at last nite (and returned from around
8 this morning) the exact same thing that happend with
roddy the previous night at the architecture bash,
happended with another guy. i thought there might be
something there, only to have to come to terms with the
fact that another girl joins later on, and he digs her.
this time it was this petite american girl who spoke
french aswell. and i was talking with him, and at first i
thought that maybe he was just talking to both of us, but
me being me (im quite good at seeing these things) i saw
him keep glancing at her. at first it wasnt too frequent
but as the night went on and we talked some more, he was
just plain staring at her, without reserve or care as to
whether or not i saw him. even when we spoke every other
glance of his was at her. i know you cant help who you're
attracted to, but i liked him and his carelessness hurt my
feelings and i was jealous. so i resigned myself to the
settlement that if i wasnt going to have him, then he
wouldnt have her. at least not tonight. not in my
presence. ludek was already on the case, so he had to take
a back seat haha. this gave me much consolation. i knew he
liked her but i was rooting for ludek's success with her,
just so he's go home the same way i would go home that
night. alone. bithcy and vindictive i know, but there. and
it did work. i liked him and even though he liked her, my
feelings werent damnaged so much. because i know he didnt
get with her. not like the previous night with roddy and
that girl. they didnt get with eachother at the party, but
they left together.. which brought me down a bit.
but then i went for total abandon after realising that he
would get with me, and i said 'she's cute...' and he said
yeh.. she is... and then said something about girls who
speak french having a natural advantage... and i asked
does she speak french and he said yeh. so there. i wasnt
makd. i was just happy to get it out on the open. we had a
nice banter, like i think there might have been some
chemistry. we had a nice chat about sex and it was easy to
talk about it with him, maybe the booze helped but yeh, id
ask him a question and he'd return it and so on (keepin
his eye on that girl at all times of course) i was still a
bit bitter beneath the surface of course wchi was why i id
the next thing. i told him about family guy the episode
where brian gets this girl friend and stuy is like dont
have sex with her u always jump rite into the sex too soon
and ruin it all, wait. and he does. he waits for two
weeks, 3 weeks goes by and brian still doesnt make a move,
and gilian gets tired and sleeps with another person, and
stuy is like "..so gilian...guess you should have hit that
when you had the chance, huh? and we both laugh and then
he asks me, was that story supposed to have a meaning?
and i say possibly and obviously he's laughing but a bit
annoyed and he says " whats that supposed to mean?" and i
say nothing...and he's like that was very badly
disguised... and so from here on our converstaions and
exchnages become a bit more combative, sometimes vergin on
vindictive even, like i said something silly to pol and
jean-luc and he said "well that back fired" so it was
clear that he was feeling a little exposed, maybe a little
embarraseed maybe. hence the defensivness...
i said to him you and me are exactly alike. and it was
true. he was good at putting up this macho man, alpha male
front, but i saw through it. every now and again he would
try and recover it by adjusting his position and talking
with me but then i would see his face and he so badlly
wanted to speak to her, and it made me mad and satisfied
at the same time. but i knew that ship had sailed. hahaha.
wow i sound evil lol.