I Debbie...
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2009-06-11 01:54:11 (UTC)

Oh yah New....

Wow how so much has changed. The one lady left and I
thought that life would return to normal. After all how
could it get any worse. My co-teacher was right to worry.
I should have known to sence a change when my Farrah was
diagnosed with cancer that returned. And all my readers
know that my Saint Farrah is such a prescence in my life.
I think it was her spirit that guided Tony home to his
keeper. Tony died this past April the same weekend as my
reunion. Gosh that is a whole story in and of itself.But I
am making so much more of the story. So I have been
looking for a nanny job. And have been complaining about
not finding anything. Well I got a bite, actually two.
The onw interview was tonight and she was not what I
expected. Very together and very anal. And the house was
amazing!!! She was even so I am not even sure of the word
but allowing me to use their car about driving her two
precious ones to places. Sam and damn I can't think. But
Sam reminds me of Michael. Very very cute.Pretty pretty
kids. She was right about them being well behaved. They
were really cute but active enough to keep them and me
My second interview is next Wednesday I don't know what I
am hoping for. Either one is good. Let my God show me the
right path. I know He will ..with my Farrah's help.

I Debbie
Not sure why but a no go on both interviews and the
babysitting job never called back after the first time I
went there. The cell phone thing, yah think?