taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2009-06-09 13:17:15 (UTC)

Windsor, Ontario smells like rot

Hey, Mayor two first names, hows about you give
arbitration a shot, you effin' tool! Don't take out your
lack-of-last-name based rage out on the rest of us! This
city doesn't need help smelling bad.

For the record, I used to be angry with the C.U.P.E.
because of the tactics I heard they were imploying
(brought forth by the mainstream media outlets), but what
the hell? The freakin' man is trying to fuck with people's
bank. Homie don't play that. So, I plan to make an anti-
Mayor Francis shirt later to display solidarity for the
workers! There may be a few rotten apples in the bunch,
but that doesn't mean they should all be turned into apple
sauce. Apple sauce and banana peels, rotting in the sun,
on streets from Wyandotte to Windermere.