Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2009-06-09 08:39:20 (UTC)

...movie madness

I'm going to buy myself a decent sony digicam with a
firewire port, and try to find a steadycam setup for it. I'd
like to start making little mini movies so I can get some
sort of portfolio together, ditto with getting that swanky
new Canon's EOS Digital Rebel XSi I keep drooling over at
the photo place downtown. Sigh. Once I get my portfolio
going, I'll get the lovely and talented ashley to build me a
website worthy of someone who wants the appearance of
looking like they know what the hell thier doing. It's a
good start, right?

So, while my, haphazard, metaphorical thrust into egomania
has begun with a dull "buh", I will keep optimistic that the
greater whole of my, march, towards my enigmatic goal will
be fruitful with these two small steps. I won't reveal
everything, mostly because I'm an ass that way, and also I'm
not even sure if, my grand adventure will even happen. But.
well. Think I should remain hopeful. I'm a realist. I'm an
optimist, and I'm most definitely a cynic and pessimist.
But, hey, I'm a die hard romantic, and if you don't dream,
what's the point?