taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2009-06-09 05:31:02 (UTC)

What a beautiful house

Yesterday, before 5:15pm, Veronica and I had every
intention of making an offer on this house, this "handy
man's dream", this charming bit of architecture that would
have been the envy of many back in the '50s (when any work
was last performed on it). However, as we waded through
the dull must and mouse droppings, and avoided aspestos-
encrusted booby traps in the basement, we kind of got a
sinking feeling that seemed to dry up the charm of the
place like water droplets in a heated skillet. And
Veronica's mom made sure the skillet was on high heat.

I felt lousy. I really liked the place, to the point where
I talked and thought about it incessently since we first
ventured into the cavernous beast last week. It really was
amazing at how quickly the good vibes all fell by the

In typical Derrick fashion, my sinking thought fell deeper
and had more personalized attributes. At the time, I was
fighting a rediculous exhaustion that had gotten right
into my legs and ruined everything. No, you wouldn't let
me bask in a moment of objective humility would you, body?
I was not able to just stand there and realize how shody
this place really was, without the rose-coloured glasses
that $30,000 imaginary dollars and hundreds of sweaty man
hours tend to create. Nope. Instead I got to sit on the
stoop and think about how shakey, unstable, and terribly
my body performs under light conditions. It wasen't that
bad, just unfortunate and typical. Also, it really isn't

The day was partially salvaged in 202...