Blood and Chocolate
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2001-10-09 23:14:17 (UTC)

WHY ?!?!?!?

Hey everyone !
I have been deeply offended by my parents !!!!! OMG THEY
had the nerve to say that they think I am on drugs !!!!!!!
OMG ! anyone who knows me knows I would never do drugs or
drink or get involved with anything/ anyone that had to do
with drugs or drinking ! I can't believe how incredably
retarded that is ! My parents don't know the first thing
about me !!!!!!! Which in a way is a good thing because If
they knew my deepest secret they would totally FREAK OUT on
me ! I mean they are starting to be protective now if they
found out my secret they would totally go crazy and lock me
in my room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY do parents think
their kids are messed up ! I mean yea the wheel is turning
up there but the hampster isn't always awake !!!!! But
still the reason I am like that is cause of my family and
my mom and my past and yea ! I am sorry my parents just
really upset me ! Enough about them ! I just got an e-
mail from one of my " fans " who reads " blood and
chocolate " and she was such a sweet heart ! she told me
one of the coolest quotes/ romatic lines that she really
likes it is:"I wish I could die right now and be
reincarnated as one of you tears. So I could be born in
your eyes, Live on your cheeks, And die on your lips" Oh my
heart !!! Its such a cool line !!!! Thank you ! You know if
thats your favorite line ! thanks for sharing !!!!! I gotta
bounce Bu!