Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2009-06-05 07:15:38 (UTC)

...well, so much for that idea

So.. the plan is no longer, the plan, so much as maybe a
plan, and in fact, all but but a micro-cosm of Blah, Shit,
and oh go fuck yourself with a chainsaw you stunned scuzzy
dirty horse fucking donkey-faced cum-catching fuck-witted

That was a bit long. But it accurately reflects my current
state of mind. So, the grand plan, is now as short little
hop to winnipeg to suck it up and deal with the drama and
hope that it ends quickly and efficiently.

AND AFTER that, I'm getting in the car and fucking off to
Penticton, then vancouver, and hopefully my grandpapa hasn't
knocked off, and then, well.. we'll see.

so. that's that I guess. what a mind fuck.