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2009-06-04 17:54:22 (UTC)

It's Official!

Believe it or not, yours truly is actually going to become
a full-fledged, official lawyer. I'm actually going to be
called to the Bar. I went and signed the rolls today...you
can't get much more confirmation than that that this thing
is actually going to happen...

I thoguht I was going to pass out or topple over there for
a moment. My legs were a little rubbery and my hands were
a little shaky after I signed. And the most ridiculous
thing is that it's not a big deal, actually. You go, they
point to the appropriate space in the book, you sign... for
them, it's a two-minute process. For me, it feels like I
just signed my way into a brand-new state of being.
Nothing, and everything, changes because of signing in this
little space in a great big book of signatures --
extraordinary, really.

As I said to a friend of mine with me at the time: I feel
like I just signed my life away. Oh my god, we did it. Oh
my god, what have we done? (No, really, what have we

More later, at some point. I have to get out of here
before I cry...being at work, in a decidedly subordinate
capacity, that simply would not do. (And, hark, I just had
a call from a friend needing help drafting an e-mail.
Saved by the bell!)

Oh my god, it's actually, finally going to happen. OH MY
GOD!!! :)


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