Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2009-06-04 06:32:18 (UTC)

..plans, plans, more plans


August 7th - Recover from Hangover, drive to paris, dip a
toe in the Atlantic, get drunk from the depressing scenery,
attempt to have a right roaring time.

August 14th - Drive back to London, pack my apartment into a
little tiny thing of a Trailer, fuck off through Toronto,
maybe pick up a hitchhiker, and head West. Thats right, I
said it. WEST.

August 19th - Hang out with Nancy and her devil spawn for
the day, upack the trailer, drop said trailer off at the
Uhaul depot, and proceed to get drunk and have a right
roaring time.

August 29th - If possible, Visit Fern and have a right
roaring time with her friends and family who don't believe I
actually exist, say hi to a horse and a moo cow.

September 3rd - Vancouver. Hang out in a hostel for a week,
get ABSOLUTELY SMASHED with a bunch of Uk'ers, some Germans,
a few Asians, maybe some Aussies, and have a right roaring time.

September 16th - TOFINO - Surf, Drink, Surf, Drink, Rinse

September 30th - Drive back to vancouver, still pretending
it's not there, park the car, and enjoy the shitstorm of
Drama that will ensue. Endure it, find my beloved cat Maus,
and hope it all ends quickly.

October 15th - Move into my Bachelor apt south of Broadway
and endure Ridicule from people who know me.

January? February? March? April? - Back to Amsterdam for the
spring, go visit my Grandpapa a few times.

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