Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2009-06-02 06:37:24 (UTC)

... now what

allowing realism to creep into my lala land fantasy of
a perfect world for a moment, the reality is, I have no
fucking clue what to do now. So, while it's nice to think
I'd go, and even get accepted into mannhiem or Copenhagen
for the year or two, odds are, not likely. Well, mannhiem
did take brook for year, but he's a dolt, and people hated
him. (long story about a girl and his obsession with german
culture/language and people thinking he was more of a goth
poseur than anyone I could possibly think of, except for me).

So.. fuck. I dunno anymore. I'd love to go to Cambridge or
to Oxford, I think, however my little dreams have all
crashed into reality. kind of bleak really.