Life - so complicated
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2009-05-29 00:50:56 (UTC)

I'm not sure what to say this time

I'm still waiting for a miracle. I'm not sure how long
I've been waiting for now or how long I'll keep waiting
but it feels like forever. I'm not sure what to think
about anything right now. I'm still at rock bottom, like I
have been for a while only this time I'm more blank than
anything else. I wonder what I should do to make things
better I'm not sure what the answer is. My best friend
tells me to put myself first for once, men do that all the
time,so why can't women? Not all women of course. There
are 3 most important factors in my life (well in most
people's lives) 1: Career 2: Relationships and 3: Family.
In my life I have no number 1, I screw up number 2s and
number 3 are sick of me. Should I care more than I feel I
do right now? I mean how many more mistakes can a person
make? I think I've just about made them all. I feel like I
have nothing left to live for. Yet I'll be fine, just like
always. I'll carry on but I don't think I'll ever get my
confidence back.

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