Rot In Pieces 316

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2009-05-28 01:03:29 (UTC)


So now I realize how important this diary actually was for
me. Not only was it an outlet, but it is now a way for me
to look back into my past and recall memories that I
haven't thought about for years. And my typing? ....
Anyway. Almost a senior in high school now, and it seems
like time passed by so fast! Colleges I'm planning to
apply to include Sarah Lawrence, Penn State, Rutgers New
Brunswick, UCLA, and perhaps even in Spain. (:
No boyfriend anymore - thank God. Single and waiting for
the summer to come so I can enjoy one of my last teen
summers. I'm super excited for next year though.

Things that have changed?
My parents want a divorce.
I stopped being weird. o_O
More social!!! :D
In a band... ohlala.
And I drive my Brokeswagen. (Volkswagen) haha.


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