Ignorant Bliss
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2001-10-09 22:59:54 (UTC)

True Friend

its been a few days since i ahve written, sometimes i just
don't have the time to update. Last updated last friday,
its tuesday now. So what did Adam do this weekend.
Saturday i hung out with my Emily during the evening.
Everyday i realize more and more how muc I love her. Not
some high school love, but real, true love. We have bee
trhough a lot over the last year and a half. Like i have
said before i feel blessed to have the friendship I do with

She is everythig to me, she is the person i care about more
than anyone, I would die for her. Awhile ago we went
through the whole what if we took our friendship frther and
tried to see if things would work out if we were more than
jst friends. I basically said lets stay friends. But what
happened is a whole other story.

But the thing now is that whatever might have been a
problem back then i don't care about now. And not only do
i care about her, but she cares abut me more than anyone
ever has ad probably will for a very long time. We are so
close that it just seems like what are we doing. I can't
really imagine a guy and a girl who is as close as we are,
or knows the other person like they know theirself. Now it
just seems like every girl i think about as someone i might
be intereted in just doesn't equal up. I am unsure with
what is going to happen. Most likely contiunuing the
friendship we have now, but something will probably be done
because so much good is now causing bad things. So lets
hope for the best. Boy i am confused.

What i have now with emily is the greatest thing in my
life, could going to a relationship make it even better?
Who knows, that is probably not even possible due to
decisions made in the past. But you know if our friendship
stays exactly the same then as Edwin McCain sings," I Could
not ask for more."