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2009-05-15 01:54:34 (UTC)

Lots going on...

Ok, well, I haven't written in like, 4 years for some reason, but I guess you
could just say i've been busy. My sweet baby boy will be 2 next month, hard to
believe... He's growing so fast! and he is SUCH a handful! I have people tell me
all the time that it's time to have another baby. I on the other hand, would like
them to babysit my little wild child, and they probably wouldn't think that
anymore. As my mom says, he is like 3 babies in one. If he's not jumping off
the couch, I'm having to stop him from climbing the table. I wouldn't trade him
for the world though. He is my pride and joy, and is the spitting image of his
daddy:) I can't believe we've been married for 4 whole years now. There have
definitely been some crazy times with him being in the band and all. We have
had our times when it seemed like we had some problems, but were thankfully
able to work through them. I love him so much, and can't imagine my life
without him. Really, I don't know what in the world my life would be like if it
weren't for my hubby and my baby. I definitely have a larger purpose in my life,
simply in being a Christian. But here on this Earth and in my family life, my son
and my husband are the most important people in the world to me. I finally
graduated from college last weekend with my teaching degree. Thank
goodness! I didn't think I would ever make it there for a while. I did though.
Scott is still working on his Doctorate in Education, and we're definitely ready
for that to be complete. I suppose I will start on my Masters this fall in order to
defer my student loan payments since I can't find a job. Oh well. As it is right
now, I'll probably substitute teach 2 or 3 days a week, and then on tuesday and
thursday, I'll take the baby to pre-K and come home to do school work. it'll be
for the best, whatever happens. Well, scott should be home soon from band
practice, so I guess I'll go. I'm tired. I've been baking cakes all today and
yesterday for pebble hill plantation and their ice cream social this weekend. I've
gotta ice them tomorrow, so i'll be busy.

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