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my submissive life
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2009-05-04 02:50:51 (UTC)


Master left me with a set of instructions to follow today:
“Good morning slut. Here are your tasks for the day. You
must complete everything on this list before I get home
from work. You must do exactly what is on this list, and
only what is on this list. If it is not included in these
instructions, you may not do it. You will be naked all
day. You will crawl at all times. You will not orgasm.
Use the egg timer for all time-specific tasks. Before
beginning task #1, you may use the bathroom for your
personal needs. Do not take more than 10 minutes.”

I hurry and use the bathroom to relieve myself, brush my
teeth, and wash my face. The instructions don’t say
anything about breakfast so I assume I get none.

“1. Lubricate large butt plug with Bengay and insert into
your ass.”

I take the large butt plug, which Master knows I find
rather uncomfortable, and lube it up with a generous amount
of Bengay. I shove it into my ass. The plug stuffs my ass
more than I enjoy. Immediately the Bengay begins to burn
and I’m squirming trying to find relief, without success.

“2. Suck the wall-mounted cock for one hour.”

I drop to my knees and crawl into the hallway, carrying the
egg timer with me. Near a corner in the hallway is a
rubber dildo that has been mounted to the wall. The dildo
is very large and is mounted about 3 feet up from the
ground. I set the egg timer for 60 minutes. I kneel up on
my knees and open my mouth wide. I take the rubber phallus
into my mouth and begin to vigorously suck it. Master
knows that sucking cock is not one of my favorite
activities, which is probably why he has ordered me to
practice this way. An hour is a long time and my jaw is
aching badly by the time the timer goes off.

“3. Yank the plug out of your ass, add more Bengay, and

I crawl back into the bathroom where the Bengay is. I yank
the plug out of my ass with a small grimace of pain. I
enjoy mere moments of relief before I add more of the
torturous Bengay and shove it back into my ass. The fresh
gel is fresh burning and agony for my ass.

“4. Spread some rice onto a small area of the kitchen
floor. Kneel on it. Lean on a chair with a pen and
paper. While kneeling on the rice, write the following
line 200 times: ‘I am a fat, ugly, pathetic, worthless
painslut.’ Write neatly and without any mistakes. This is
not a timed task but do not take too long as you have much
to do today.”

I crawl into the kitchen. I cover a 2 foot square of the
floor with hard rice. I pull a chair up and grab a pen and
paper. I kneel on the rice and immediately feel it digging
painfully into my knees. I begin writing the lines.
Between the pain in my knees and in my ass, it is hard to
concentrate. Several times I screw up what I’m writing and
have to throw the page away and begin it again. I forgot
to check the clock before starting but judging from the
ache in my knees, I think it took me too long to complete
this assignment.

“5. Yank the plug out of your ass. Stand with nose in
corner, bent at waist, legs spread wide and holding ass
cheeks spread wide apart for one hour.”

For the second time today I yank the large plug painfully
out of my ass. I crawl to my usual corner in the living
room and stand up. I bend at the waist until I’m bent 90
degrees. I spread my legs as far apart as I can. I
shuffle to the corner until my nose is touching it. I
quick set the egg timer for another 60 minutes. I reach
behind me and grab my ass cheeks and pull, spreading them
as far apart as I can. Apparently, Master wants my ass to
suffer a lot today. I hold the uncomfortable and
humiliating position until I hear the timer go off. My ass
is extremely sore. I try not to get my hopes up that it
will be spared additional torture for my next task.

“6. Lubricate large butt plug with Bengay, reinsert into
your ass.”

My whole body sinks in disappointment. I crawl back to the
bathroom. I cover the plug in more Bengay and shove it
back into my aching ass. The burn is almost more than I
can stand. I feel so sorry for myself I want to cry.
Master is right, I am pathetic.

“7. On the kitchen floor lay out your favorite vibrator,
paddle, and nipple clamps. Fasten a large dildo gag to
your mouth. Spread rice onto the kitchen floor again and
kneel on it facing your favorite things. Clasp your hands
behind your back. Spend one hour there.”

I gather my favorite vibe, my favorite wooden paddle, and
my favorite nipple clamps. I stuff the large dildo gag
into my mouth, stretching my jaw painfully wide and
practically gagging as it nearly touches the back of my
throat. I pour more raw rice onto the kitchen floor and
lower myself to my knees. I lay my favorite things in
front me, set the time for one hour, and clasp my hands
behind me. One hour staring at my favorite items but not
allowed to play with them. Instead, one hour with my knees
sore, my poor stuffed ass suffering, and my jaw aching.
Master knows how to be cruel when he wants to be. Just
looking at my favorite toys makes me wet and frustrated.
Wishing for the joy they bring but instead being tortured
by my least favorite items. Wondering how much suffering
my Master will force me endure before being granted the
pleasure I crave. An hour of crying in pain and

“8. You have 30 minutes to eat lunch. You may remove the
gag, but not the butt plug.”

I eat a quick lunch. My appetite somewhat lessened by the
huge plug still filling my aching ass. I hurry to the next

“9. Yank the plug out of your ass. Then shove it back in.
Fuck yourself with the plug for 15 minutes.”

I want to yell at someone but I’m all alone. I set the
timer and quietly scream in pain as I fuck myself with the
huge plug. My ass feels raw and the plug is not well lubed
after being in my ass for the past 90 minutes. I rip it in
and out of my ass over and over again. Each insertion is
agony. I’m crying and it seems like the timer is moving
slower than actual time. When the timer finally goes off,
I’m terrified to read my next instruction.

“10. If you need to, you may use the bathroom. Be quick
about it.”

I do. And I do.

“11. Crawl into the kitchen. Get the bottle of extra hot
Tabasco sauce. Pour 5 drops onto your tongue. Pour
another 5 onto your clit and pussy. Then kneel in the
corner for 30 minutes while enjoying the heat.”

I take the timer and crawl into the kitchen. I’m happy
about my ass being spared this torment but I dread the fire
that I have coming to me. I take the bottle and slowly
pour 5 drops Tabasco into my mouth. Immediately my mouth
is burning and I’d give anything for something cool to
drink. I’m practically crying before the first drop hits
my pussy. I sit spread-legged on the floor and count out 5
drops directly onto my pussy with the last one carefully
placed onto my clit. I crawl to the corner and set the
timer. I can barely remain still as my mouth and pussy are
on fire. When the 30 minutes are up, the fire has just
begun to fade.

“12. Re-lube the butt plug with more Bengay and reinsert
into your ass.”

I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I do as
instructed while crying freely.

“13. Crawl into the kitchen. Cuff your hands together in
front of you. Use a pair of tweezers to pick up each and
every grain of rice you dumped onto the floor and drop it
in the trashcan. One at a time. This is not a timed task
but there is still much to be done today, so don’t be too

I am not enjoying these tasks at all. I sink to my knees
and take a pair of tweezers with me as I crawl back to the
kitchen. There’s a lot of rice on the floor. I cuff my
hands in front of me. I notice that my cuffed hands make
it harder for me to crawl around. I pick up one grain of
rice with the tweezers and shuffle over to the trashcan and
drop it in. My knees once again hurt. My ass is once
again burning. And the task I’ve just begun seems
endless. I don’t bother to count the grains, it would just
depress me. I have no idea how long it took. I was bored
and defeated by the time I finished.

“14. Attach the three-way clamps to your nipples and clit.
Yank out the plug. Then take a shower, cold water only.
The shower is to last a full 15 minutes. After the shower,
towel-dry yourself thoroughly, including your hair. When
you are dry, you may remove the clamps.”

The three-way clamps are not among my favorites. They hurt
a lot. I attach them as instructed. I yank out the plug
with a small scream. I get into the shower. I hate cold
showers. I usually try to make them as sort as possible
but this time I have the freaking egg timer controlling
me. I want to avoid the cold streaming water but I know
that Master would be angry. I still shower too fast and
have to spend the last couple of minutes doing nothing but
standing and waiting in the cold water for the timer to go
off. I jump out of the shower as soon as I hear it. I
grab the towel and begin to dry myself. Of course, as my
body warms up, the blood flows back to my nipples and clit
and the pain from the clamps increases. By “thoroughly,” I
know that Master means for me to take the coarse towel and
shove it inside my pussy and ass as far as possible and
yank it out. It particularly hurts my ass. I dry
everything, including my hair, before finally removing the
cruel clamps.

“15. Bind yourself in the garage using the floor-mounted
cock, spreader-bar, ass-hook, and cuffs. Bring a stopwatch
with you and start it once you get into position.”

I enter the garage naked, as directed. I see the thick,
phallus-gag mounted on the floor in a corner. I approach
it. I take a spreader bar and attach it to my ankles, then
open it a full two feet wide. I carefully kneel down and
put my mouth over the gag. The phallus is very large and
fills my mouth. I take the straps and attach them behind
my head so I cannot lift my mouth from the gag. My nose is
touching the floor. Effectively, I have mounted my head to
the floor as well. I find the large metal hook and insert
it into my ass. It normally doesn’t hurt too much except
my ass is already so sore. It’s also very long and causes
a great deal of discomfort. I take the chain attached to
the outer end and manage to pull and loop it over the hook
hanging from the ceiling. I start the stopwatch. Finally,
I reach up behind me and find the handcuffs dangling down
from the same hook. It is not easy to cuff my wrists
because I have to reach my arms up and behind me to do it.
My arms are not pulled painfully up, but they cannot rest
comfortably on my back either. The length of the chain
leaves my wrists pulled just a few inches above my back.
The length is enough to stop me from forcing out the ass-
hook too. There I wait for my Master, not knowing how
long. Ankles spread, knees on the hard cement, wrists
bound behind and above, ass filled and secured, gagged and
attached kneeling to the floor – unable to free myself.

Time goes by and drool is pouring out of my mouth. My
knees and arms and ass are aching. I try readjusting my
position to find comfort, but I can barely move at all.
There’s nothing I can do. Eventually I hear footsteps
approach. I have no idea how much time has passed. It
could be a few minutes; it could have been an hour. No
words are spoken. Next I thing I know, pain rips through
the soles of my feet. Over and over again I can feel them
being beaten, perhaps with a crop, and there is nothing I
can do to stop it. I am squealing into my gag and
squirming on my knees. I don’t count the strokes, but
eventually it ceases. The mercy is only short lived as
soon the pain rips through my ass. Each lash lands hard on
my ass and again I am squirming and squealing futilely.
Still stuck to the floor and hands above me, I can do
nothing to escape the lashes as they rain down on my
unprotected ass. The lashes stop and I feel my arms and
ass being pulled higher up. Master is shortening the chain
hanging from the ceiling, stretching my arms and ass
upwards. I can do nothing but groan in displeasure and

“I’m glad to see you remember to start the stopwatch. But
I’m very disappointed to see that you’ve only been here for
one hour. With the tasks I gave you to complete I expected
you to have been here for at least 2 hours by the time I
got home. Obviously, you spent too much time fooling
around and not enough time performing my tasks. You will
be punished for this… when I get back.”

I hear Master’s footsteps fade away and I am left to suffer
alone. I assume he left me there for another hour, since
that’s the shortage he commented on. Either way, I have no
way of knowing how long I was left in that hellish
position, crying and drooling. Eventually, I heard his
footsteps return. He said nothing. I feel something
stroking my pussy. I then feel an extreme amount of
electricity ripping through it. I scream into the gag as
the cattle prod sends another shock wave into my
unprotected cunt. The pain is excruciating. I am given a
full 8 pokes with the stinging cattle prod. Bound and
helpless, I can do nothing to escape my agony.

I again feel something stroking my pussy. I brace for
another jolt of electricity, but it doesn’t come. Instead,
I feel a brief vibration. My clit immediately springs to
life but the vibration is short lived. “This is your
favorite vibrator, slut. Do you want more of it?”

Despite my day-long suffering, I was horny as hell. I was
still very much gagged so I did my best to answer, “Yes

“Do you think you’ve earned it? Do you, slut?”

“Yes Master.”

“Really? I don’t. I don’t think you’ve come close to
earning it yet.” Master bent down and unlocked my head
from the floor-mounted dildo. My mouth and jaw were freed
but the rest of my bondage and discomfort remained. “So
your ass suffered a little for me today. A little painslut
like you lives to suffer. You enjoy it. You haven’t
earned anything. You should be thanking me for allowing
you to suffer for me all day.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You selfish little whore. You shouldn’t be hoping to get
pleasure from the vibrator; you should be begging me for
more pain and suffering. You should be begging me to beat
your fat ass until it’s bright red and you have tears
pouring down your face. You should be begging me to spank
you and deny you even momentary pleasure from the
vibrator. Well?”

“Please spank my fat ass Master. Please beat my ass until
it’s red and until I’m crying and begging for mercy.
Please let me suffer more for you Master. My pleasure is
nothing. Please spank me long and hard.”

“Very well.” I feel the paddle land on my ass with a loud
thump. It lands again and again. Soon my ass is throbbing
and I cannot move to escape it. The paddling continues and
soon I’m crying. Master ignores my sobs and continues the
beating. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it? This is what
you fantasized about earlier, isn’t it? This is one of
your favorite implements of torture, isn’t it? This wooden
paddle is one of the first toys you begged me to use on
you, isn’t it? Answer me! Isn’t it?”

“Yes Master!”

“Then stop your pathetic crying and thank me for being so
generous towards you.”

“Thank you Master. Thank you for allowing me to feel the
sweet pain of the paddle. Thank you for spanking my
worthless, fat ass. Thank you for letting me suffer.”

“Oh shut up you dumb whore. You can’t even grovel right.
Get your mouth back on that dildo. Suck it. I want to see
your head going up and down, hard and fast. Suck it like
your life depends on it.”

I began to suck the large dildo with which I had already
been very closely acquainted. Master continued paddling my
ass while I rigorously sucked the inanimate cock. I was
crying and gagging through my pain. I don’t know how much
longer Master continued my paddling before finally ending
it. When I felt the paddling cease, I stopped sucking the
cock. Oops.

“What the fuck are you doing? Did I tell you to stop? Get
your mouth back on there! You stupid cunt! Can’t you
follow the simplest instructions? Now you’re really going
to suffer.”

I began re-sucking the huge dildo while I heard Master walk
off and ominously return. He said nothing but I felt a new
and more intense pain rip through my ass. I recognized it
as Master’s bamboo cane. The pain of the cane was
intensified by the fact that my ass was already incredibly
sore from the previous paddling. I continued sucking the
cock while screaming with each lash of the cane. When the
caning finally ended I remembered to continue sucking, even
while crying.

“You obviously haven’t heard your release yet. I’ll be
back in another hour or so. You better still be sucking
that cock and be a little bit more obedient. Otherwise,
fuck it; I’ll just leave you here all night.”

I heard Master walk off again and continued sucking and
crying. My ass was throbbing and my current position was
physically painful in many ways. But I had not choice and
no means of escape. I continued sucking the fake cock for
my Master, hoping to please him and earn a reprieve from my
long day of pain and suffering.