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2009-05-04 02:23:50 (UTC)

Weekend getaway - part 2

Weekend Getaway Part 2

Sir dragged me by my hair into another part of the house.
The room was a filled with home-gym equipment. He pushed
me onto an elliptical trainer and tied my hands to the
handles and feet to the pedals. “I’m sure you know that
you are way too chubby for my taste. I was hoping that in
the time since we last met you would’ve lost at least a few
pounds. But if anything, I think you’ve put on weight. I
have to be honest; I think you’re fat and disgusting. If
you want to be my sub, you’re going to have to get into
better shape. And I’m going to use some of our time
together to motivate you. Now start running.”

I didn’t reply to his statements. I knew he was right and
I deserved his harsh words. I began to run on the
machine. After a few minutes, I heard him shout “faster”
and felt a hard smack on my ass. He walked in front of me
and I saw in his hand a big, wooden paddle. “This, my fat
piggy, is how I’m going to motivate you. Slow down at all,
and your big, flabby ass is going to pay the penalty for

I picked up the speed as much as I could, but I knew I
wouldn’t be able to keep it up for long. It was just
another few minutes before I felt the paddle
again. “Faster you cow!” He hit me again. “Faster!” I
tried to run faster but I was getting tired. He began to
smack me the paddle over and again while yelling at me. I
kept running as fast as I could but it wasn’t enough to
appease him. With my hands and feet tied, there was no way
to protect myself or escape the machine or paddle. I was
out of breath and sweating. He continued punishing my ass
while yelling at me to run faster and faster. My ass was
throbbing and soon I was crying. “Faster you fat pig!”

“I can’t run anymore. Sir, please, I’m so tired.”

“I don’t give a shit if you’re tired. You should be
running this fast and this long everyday to work off all
those extra pounds of flab. Now keep moving!” He slammed
the paddle into my ass again. I don’t know how long he
kept me running. I was gasping for air by the time he let
me stop.

My relief was short lived. He pushed me to the ground on
my back. “Crunches. You have two minutes to give me 50 of
them. For every one short, your ass will pay some more.”
He started a stopwatch and told me to go. I started doing
the crunches while he counted. At the end of two minutes
he told me to stop. I had only done 35. “35? That was
pathetic. The next time we meet, if there is a next time,
you better be able to do all 50 with time to spare. Now
stand up.” He dragged me up by my hair and over to a
padded bench. He bent me over it. “I said 50 crunches and
you were 15 short. Now your ass is going to pay. I’m
going to cane your ass for each crunch you were too fat and
lazy to do.”

He tied me to the bench so I couldn’t move to protect
myself. He held the cane up in front of my face so I could
see my fate. I was terrified of how the cane was going to
feel on my already sore ass. I didn’t have to wait long
for my fears to be confirmed. The first lash rained down
like fire. He paused to let me get the full sensation
before delivering the next one. By number 4 I was begging
for mercy. “Please Sir! Please! I can’t take anymore.
It hurts too much. Please stop. Please no more!”

“What’s the matter? Does your big fat ass hurt?”

“Yes Sir. Please stop. Please stop.”

“Fuck no I’m not going to stop. You earned every one of
these lashes. And if your ass wasn’t so fat you wouldn’t
need to be caned. But your ass is fat. And you are
pathetic and lazy. And you do need to be caned. And I
don’t care how much you cry. You’ve got 11 more coming and
I’m going to savor each and every one.” With that he
brought the cane down hard on my ass again. I screamed.
He paused to let it sink in and then brought it down hard
again. I screamed again. Nine times more. I was sobbing
and screaming. He never hesitated. When he was done he
pulled my face up by my hair and whispered into my ear, “We
still have a lot of time together. And your ass is going
to get a lot more before we’re done. I have no idea how
you’re even going to be able to sit to drive home. But
that’s not my problem.” He laughed and walked away,
leaving me crying alone.

As my tears subsided, he returned. I had hoped the passing
time signaled an end to our workout session, but it turns
out it was just an intermission. He untied me and pushed
me to the ground, on my stomach this time. “Push-ups.
Now. Go.” I pulled my hands under my shoulders and pushed
up. “One.” I lowered myself back down and repeated it.
Again. And again. I could only do about 9. “I want
more. Get up off the ground now.” I struggled to push up
and as I did I felt the familiar sting of his belt on my
tender ass. I cried out and fell down. “I said get up!”
He whipped me with it again. I struggled to push up again
and managed to get all the way up. I tried to slowly lower
myself but really collapsed back down. “Get up!” He laid
into me with the belt again. This continued until I had
given him a full 20 push-ups. I was again crying freely at
the extreme pain coursing through my ass. “Next time you
better be able to give me 20 without stopping. Understand

“Yes Sir.”

“Now up on your feet, we’re not done.” I stood up, still
crying. “Squats now. Spread your legs. Hands behind your
head. Bend your knees until they’re at 90 degrees, then
stand back up. Go.” I did as instructed. Down and up.
Down and up. Eventually I began to tire. I wasn’t
squatting low enough or fast enough. He yelled at me to do
better but I was exhausted. Finally, he had had
enough. “Oh hell, just stop. You’re pathetic. I don’t
know why I even bother. This is a waste of my time. Bend
the fuck over and touch your toes.”

I touched my toes. He beat my ass with his belt another 10
times while telling me what a fat worthless fuck I was. I
felt like I was going to die from the pain. My ass hurt so
much. I was sobbing and he told me to go crawl and kneel
in a corner. I obeyed.

Some time later he came back for me. I had calmed down. I
hoped beyond hope that my ass would be spared whatever came
next. I heard Sir come walk up behind me. “You are so
fucking pathetic. Just 4 basic exercises and you couldn’t
do any of them to my satisfaction. You’re just a fat,
ugly, lazy, disgusting pig. So that’s how I’m going to
treat you.”

He dragged me by my hair back to the center of the room
where he had a number of items laid out for me. First he
showed me what appeared to be butt-plug with a rubber curly-
Q coming out of it. “All pigs have tails so this will be
yours. You’ll be wearing now until the minute you leave.”
He shoved it in my cunt to lube it up and then roughly
shoved it into my ass. It was larger than any butt-plug I
had worn before and I soon realized that wearing it for
hours upon hours was going to be extremely uncomfortable.
Next he showed me what I recognized as a nose-hook. “I
thought about buying a rubber pig nose for you to wear, but
decided this would be more uncomfortable for you.” He
pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail. He then put the
hook into my nostrils and pulled the chord back, tying it
off tightly to my ponytail holder. He pulled it as tight
as possible pulling my nose painfully back and giving me a
very prominent pig nose appearance. For the finishing
touch he took a marker and wrote “PIG” across my forehead.

“Now crawl around and oink for me, piggy.” I did as
instructed. I began to crawl around the room while oinking
like a pig. I felt something sting my ass. I turned and
saw Sir with the riding crop in his hand. He continued to
whip my ass while yelling for me to crawl faster and oink
louder for him. “Come on you stupid fat pig, oink louder.
You like being a pig, I know you do. Go on, be a fucking
pig. Oink for me.” I continued crawling around and
oinking while feeling more and more degraded. I was
heavily out of breath by the time I was allowed to stop.

Sir left me alone for a few minutes. I had a bad feeling
about what I saw him return with. He sat in front of me a
large chocolate cake, a bottle of caramel syrup, a bottle
of chocolate syrup, a bag of sugar, and a 2 litter bottle
of soda. “Here we have all of piggy’s favorite foods. I
bet you normally only eat like the disgusting pig you are
in private, well tonight you are going to do it in front of
me. Right now, I want to see you put your whole face into
that cake and start eating. Now. Go.”

I didn’t move at first. I hoped he wasn’t going to make me
do this. He didn’t say another word. He just stood over
me, looking down on me, and waiting. I slowly lowered my
head and crawled over to the cake. He didn’t touch me and
yet it was as if I could still feel him pushing me down
towards it. I bent my head and began to nipple at the edge
of the cake.

“Oh no you don’t. That’s not how a pig eats. Put your
whole face into the center of it and start eating it – fast
and sloppy just like you are.” I reluctantly did as
instructed and pushed my face into to cake with my mouth
wide open. I began to eat. “That’s right, be the pig you
are. Oink while you’re eating for me.” I began to oink in
between mouthfuls. After a minute or two I was getting
full and came up for air. “I didn’t say stop. Get back
down in there.” Sir pushed my face back down into the cake
and held it there. I ate some more then struggled to come
up for more air.

“What’s the matter piggy? Too much for you? I don’t
believe that. I bet home alone at night you would have no
problem eating an entire fucking cake. What are you
embarrassed doing it in front of me? I can just look at
you and see what a fat, gluttonous pig you are. Tilt your
head back and open your mouth.” I obeyed. Sir picked up
the bottles of caramel and chocolate syrup and began to
pour them both over my face and into my mouth. “Drink up
piggy. Enjoy.” He continued pouring the bottles down my
throat until I began to choke. He then continued to pour
them all over my head and body.

“Tilt your head back up and open your mouth, we’re not
done. There’s a lot more here for you to feast on.” He
picked up the bag of sugar. He took a spoonful and dumped
it into my mouth. It was too much and I coughed and spit
most of it out. “Don’t you fucking do that again! You eat
what I put in your mouth or I will beat your ass another 50
times with the cane and then see if you’re ready to obey
me. Open up.” I opened my mouth and received another huge
spoonful of pure sugar. I somehow managed to gag it all
down and immediately felt sick to my stomach.

“What’s the matter piggy? I know you love this stuff.
Show me how much you love it. Take what’s left of the cake
and shove it into your cunt. That’s right. Take a handful
of that chocolate cake and rub it all over your filthy pig
cunt.” I did as Sir instructed. I grabbed a big handful
of the mashed chocolate cake and started rubbing it over
and in my pussy. “More pig. Show me how much you love
it. Fuck yourself with it.” I grabbed another handful and
tried shoving it up my cunt while finger-fucking
myself. “Faster pig. Oink while you’re doing it.” I took
another handful of cake and continued fucking myself while
oinking loudly.

Sir took this opportunity to dump the bottle of soda onto
my head followed the rest of the bag of sugar. “Now roll
around in it like a pig in mud. Fuck yourself with these
fattening foods, roll around in them, oink for me.” I
did. I rolled around in the cake, soda, sugar, and syrup.
I oinked wildly like a mad pig and continued fucking
myself. “Now lick your cake and cunt covered hand. Shove
the whole thing in your mouth.” I obeyed. I looked up and
was horrified to see Sir standing over me with a camera,
taking pictures of my humiliation. I began to cry but
continued my pig act for him. He laughed out
loud. “That’s right piggy. Now you’ll always remember
just how big of a pig you are. I’m going to email you
copies of these pictures every day. I might even post them
online. I’m going to make you hang them up all over your
kitchen so that you’ll remember this every time you go to
put a piece of food in your mouth.” I continued to oink
and cry.

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