worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
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2009-05-04 01:30:29 (UTC)


Master J and Mistress A invited me to join them for a
weekend in their cabin in the woods. A nice little cabin,
totally secluded. I eagerly agreed.

The drive out there on Friday was relatively uneventful.
I was cuffed and gagged in the backseat while Master J and
Mistress A sat up front, chatting, and ignoring me

When we arrived, I finally started getting some much
craved attention. Master J removed my cuffs and
gag. “Take all your clothes off now and put them in the
trunk. You won’t be needing them this weekend.” We were
outside, but there wasn’t another cabin anywhere in
sight. I stripped and watched as my clothes were locked
in the trunk of their car.

Mistress A approached me with a thick, black, leather dog
collar. “This is all you will need to wear for us.” I
felt a bit apprehensive standing naked in the woods,
outside a cabin, wearing only a dog collar, but there was
no turning back.

“First things first, slut, the past few weeks you have
been very lazy with obeying our orders, returning calls
and emails. I think we’ll need to start with a little
punishment to remind you what it means to obey. Go find a
nice firm switch from a tree and bring it back here. It
better not be too flimsy or brittle or I just much shove
it up your filthy cunt. Go fetch a good one for your
whipping. You have exactly 60 seconds.”

As Master J stares at his watch I run to find a switch.
I’m barefoot and the rubbish on the ground hurts my feet.
I finally find a thin, strong, somewhat flexible branch
about 3 feet long. I clear the excess growth off it as I
run back to my Masters. I present it to Master J and hope
it meets with his approval. Master J swings it around a
few times listening to the nice whooshing sound it makes
as it cuts through the air.

“This will do. Now lie down on your back.” I lie down on
the ground. “Spread and lift your legs. I want your
filthy cunt wide open to me.” I didn’t mean to hesitate
but I imagined he’d been whipping my ass, not my
pussy. “What are you fucking deaf? Roll back onto your
shoulders and upper back so your pussy raised up in the
air with your legs open. Make me repeat myself again and
I promise you won’t be happy.” I do as he instructs.

Hard and fast Master J starts bringing the lash down on my
exposed cunt. Nothing light and playful, and no warm up.
Just one incredibly painful and stinging lash after
another. After just a few lashes the pain is more than
I’m ready for and I instinctively close my legs and curl
into a ball. “Get back into position now, bitch!”

“Please Master J, I can’t. It hurts.”

Before I know what’s happening Master J grabs me by my
hair and starts dragging me. Before I can even react I
find myself locked into a small metal cage behind the
cabin. Neither Master J nor Mistress A say a word to me
as they walk away, leaving me naked and caged outside.

I don’t know how long I’m left there. It must have been
over an hour. The cage is small and impossible to get
comfortable in. I’m not at all happy. Master J
eventually comes out to see me. “Enjoying your

“No Master J. I’m sorry for disobeying you. Please let
me out.”

“What will you do if I let you out?”

“I will obey you.”

“You still have a pussy whipping to endure.”

“I know. I’m ready. I won’t disobey you again.”

“So you want me to let you out and whip your filthy cunt?”

“Yes Master J.”

“Then ask me. Better yet, beg me.”

“Please let me out and whip my filthy cunt.”

“Say it louder.”

“Please let me out and whip my filthy cunt.”


“Please let me out and whip my filthy cunt!”

“Better. Now I’m going to go back inside. I want you to
continue shouting that, loud enough for me to hear inside
the cabin. Continue until I come back out, without
stopping. If I hear you stop, we’ll leave you in your
cage all night. Go.”

Master J walks back inside the cabin as I scream, “Please
let me out and whip my filthy cunt!” “Please let me out
and whip my filthy cunt!” “Please let me out and whip my
filthy cunt!” “Please let me out and whip my filthy cunt!”

Again, I don’t know how long I’m left there screaming and
begging to be freed and whipped. I’m thirsty, exhausted,
and nearly hoarse by the time Master J returns to me.

“Shut the fuck up. When I open the cage you will crawl
out and immediately assume the pussy whipping position.
You will hold the position for the duration of the
whipping and if you fail me again, it’s back in the cage
until morning. He doesn’t wait for a reply, just unlocks
the cage. I crawl out and lie on my back with my hips
raised, legs spread and pussy exposed. Master J picks up
the switch and resumes his lashes. He whips me even
harder than before. Each lash landing perfectly on my
open cunt causing maximum pain. I’m crying before he
finally stops. “I hope this little lesson will encourage
you to be a bit more obedient for the duration of the
weekend. I’d hate to have to repeat it. Now back on your
hands and knees and follow me into the cabin.”

I crawl at Master J’s heels and into the cabin. Mistress
A is in the kitchen cooking something that smells
delicious for dinner. I am permitted to kneel in a corner
while she finishes preparing dinner. When they sit down
to dine, I am ordered to kneel by their feet like a good
little bitch. They ignore me while they eat.

When they finish dinner, Mistress A takes the leftover
scraps from their plates and scrapes them into a bowl.
She sets that bowl, and another bowl containing just
water, on the floor in the kitchen. “Bon appetite.” My
stomach is growling so, humiliated, I crawl to the bowls
and eat their leftovers.

While I eat, Mistress A and Master J retire to the living
room, ignoring me again. When I’m finished, Mistress A
yells for me to do the dishes and otherwise clean up the
kitchen. I hate being ignored and treated like a servant,
but my pussy is still aching from my earlier lesson so I
miserably obey.

When I’m done cleaning the kitchen, I’m again sent to
kneel in the corner while Master J and Mistress A drink
wine and chat by a cozy fire. They leave me there,
sulking, for most of the night. Just when I think I’m
about to go crazy from staring at the corner too long,
Mistress A calls me over. “Aw, poor little slut, you look
so sad. Not having any fun? I think we can remedy day.
Let’s play a game.” I’m excited for about 2 seconds until
I see the rubber dog bone in her hand. “On your hands and
knees, slut. Now go fetch.” She tosses the bone to the
far side of the cabin. I crawl over to it, pick it up in
my mouth, and crawl back to her, dropping it at her feet.

“Oh, I think you can do better than that. Fetch faster
this time, or I’ll think you don’t want to play and send
you back to the corner for the rest of the night.” She
throws the bone again. I run on my hands and knees and
fetch it faster. “Good bitch. Fetch again.” She throws
the bone and I go fetch it again. We play this
humiliating game of fetch for maybe half an hour, or until
my knees are raw and sore as hell for crawling over the
hard wood floors.

“Well, I guess it’s just about time for you to go to bed.
You have 5 minutes to go use the bathroom while I get your
bed ready.” I run to the bathroom and hurry back.
Mistress A is waiting for me with a big wooden paddle in
her hands. “Would our little painslut like a spanking
before bed?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Good. Stand up, and bend over the back of the sofa.
Count each stroke and thank me for it.” The paddle lands
hard against my ass.

“One. Thank you Mistress A.”


“Two. Thank you Mistress A.”


“Three. Thank you Mistress A.”

A full 10 swats before my ass is glowing red and throbbing
in pain. Almost ready for bed. Mistress A leads me over
towards the backdoor of the cabin. For a second I’m
afraid she’s leading me outside to the cage. Fortunately,
they weren’t that cruel. Instead she points to the floor
by the door. There’s a round doggie bed on the floor for
me. I should have guessed.

“One last thing. Face me.” Mistress A has out a tube of
red lipstick. She writes the word “DOG” on my
forehead. “This better not get smeared during the night.
I want it looking perfect in the morning or you will be
punished. Now, off to bed.” She watches me sit and curl
up in the doggie bed. It’s small and doesn’t offer a lot
of cushioning from the hard floor. Luckily it’s not too
cold since I’m not offered a blanket. I’m left to try and
find comfort while also trying to remember to keep my
forehead from touching anything. It’s going to be a long
uncomfortable night.

I’m awake as the sun comes up. Mistress A and Master J
sleep in. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to leave my doggie
bed without their permission so I stay put just in case.
Eventually, Mistress A comes to great me.

“Good morning slut. Sleep well?”

“Not really Mistress A.”

“Too bad. I had a wonderful night. I see you kept
managed not to smear my lipstick art. Well done. You can
have 5 minutes to use the bathroom and freshen up. Then
meet me in the kitchen.”

I help Mistress prepare a delicious breakfast. None of it
is for me, however. I’m sent with a tray of food into the
master bedroom to serve Master J his breakfast. I’m
directed to kneel by the side of the bed and hold the tray
for him while he eats. Since I’m nothing more than a
human tray-stand, he doesn’t speak to me or offer me a
bite. When he’s finished, I return to the kitchen.
Mistress A orders me to clean the kitchen again before I
can eat. My breakfast is dry cereal poured into my dog
bowl on the floor.

After breakfast, my Masters decide we should go for a walk
in the woods. They fasten a leash to my collar, but
kindly allow me to walk instead of crawl. I don’t ask
about the ominous duffel bag Master J is carrying with

We walk for about 20 minutes until Master J tells me to
stop. “This is a good location.” For what, I wonder. He
orders me to stand between two trees. He pulls several
lengths of rope out of his bag. He expertly ties me with
hands above my head and my legs spread wide apart.
Mistress A adds a finishing touch by fastening a ring-gag
in my mouth.

“So slut, you came all the way out here with us. For
what? To have a little fun? To get off a little? To be
tortured and humiliated? To suffer? To be treated like
the worthless little pig painslut you are? Well, we are
more than happy to accommodate you.”

Master J’s words have me nervous, and yet I can already
feel the moisture growing between my legs. Master J pulls
some clamps out of his bag of tricks. One for each nipple
and one on my clit. The clamps alone have me moaning in a
little pain, but I know he’s not even close to being
finished. He comes over to me again and begins to hang
weights from each of the clamps. He adds them slowly, one
at a time. I can’t talk because of the gag but I begin to
scream in pain.

“What’s the matter slut, too much?” I vigorously nod
yes. “Are you sure you don’t want a few more?” I shake
my head no.

Mistress A walks over and starts swinging the weights
dangling from my nipples. I groan in pain. “I think she
could use just one more weight, but let’s add it to her
clit.” I shake my head no but she ignores me pleas and
roughly adds another weight to my clit. I think my clit
my fall off from all the weight. I’m yelling

“While there is no one around to hear you, you are giving
me a headache. So stop the fucking screaming or I’m going
to give you something to really scream about.” I manage
to shut up. Mistress A continues to play with and swing
the torturous weights. I refrain from screaming but the
occasional groan slips out.

“You know, I think there’s a natural spring near here.
Let’s take a walk and see if we can find it.” Master J is
talking to Mistress A, not me.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea. Don’t worry slut,
we’ll be back in a little while.” To my horror they walk
off and out of sight, leaving me tied, gagged, and with
excessive amounts of weight dangling from my nipples and
clit. I try to yell after them but they don’t even look
back. I’ve never felt so helpless.