Kalamity K

The Daily Chaos of Kalamity K
2009-04-27 14:42:42 (UTC)

9 Days and Counting

Hey there, darling diary,

I've got 9 days and counting in this job. It's a little
bit surreal for me to think about, really. It took me five
years (count them, FIVE) to get to this job, including one
year of waiting to move INTO the job, and 9.5 months later,
I'm sitting here writing to you that I have 9 working days
left. It's a little bit daunting, really. My house
(apartment) is all packed up and ready to go, except for
another night or two of work I have to do, plus the night-
before-moving box of odds and ends to collect. I've
survived and despite the panic setting in, the work not
done, and the knowledge in my mind that I still have 9 days
in which people could get mad, hate me, get pissed off and
yell and make me feel terrible...I will get through it, it
will be a success, and it will come to an end. And in just
about two months, I'm going to be a goddamn full-fledged
lawyer - finally - at which I am likely to promptly turn my
back on the profession and move into another related field
just because I can. Go figure. After fighting all this
time for it, turns out it might not be what I want.
(Though, in all fairness, I openly admit that there are
likely areas of the law I would love to practice in and
dedicate my career to but that I may not have yet stumbled
across them.)

It really doesn't quite seem real, or possible, but it
looks like it might just actually fall into place. Dear
god, then I'll have to become part of the real world!

I can't practice as a lawyer until all the formalities are
completed, so will be going back to my old job, which will
certainly drive me nuts, but it's a job and right now,
that's what I'm interested in. Also moving back to my
parents' while I sort this all out and I just freaking hope
to hell that it works out better than last time.

My parents are pretty proud of me, I think. They're having
a huge (well, big, anyway) party for me the day after it's
all said and done and made official, and my mother is
having a great time (from what I can tell) planning the
whole thing. She really is excited. I'm excited, too,
just royally terrified of fucking up and being a
disappointment (but I'm not allowed to think that way right

I need to get to work. Just sort of wanted to ramble on
this for a moment. I may or may not write in here more
often in the next little while. I'm still trying to decide
about my feelings on coming back to write here. (Though,
truth be told, better to spend time in here than some of
the other stupid ways I waste time. At least this could be
construed as somewhat productive.)

Down to the cafeteria for some breakfast, then really,
truly, working on that (long) overdue assignment. Sigh.




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