Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2009-04-20 04:59:01 (UTC)

...on boosted ego's, battered and bruised

It's funny how things, occur. You never really see them
coming. A, very, spectacularly gorgeous creature fluttered
her lashes my way, brewing a raging storm and cacophony of
illicit thoughts and I was emboldened.

I did the unthinkable. I did, the unremarkable. I asked her
to marry me.

And with a flick of her hair, and flash of teeth, her
whimsical smiles spoke volumes as I lost myself in her deep
brown eyes, her lilting gaze piercing my soul like few other
have. She said sweetly, ask me tomorrow.

Tomorrow came, we danced a little, we shared a moment of
silent reflection, that wholly uncomfortable silence that
wasn't, and we sat, and we watched, and then, nothing.
nothing at all. I didn't repeat the question, lingering
as it was in the air, hanging like scythe ready to cut the

For a brief moment, for this, singular moment in time, we
had all that we ever would, we shared our time, and lost
ourselves as the music played. I think the crushing reality
of the world, brought low, slammed into us and like a chorus
screamed out, as we broke the rules, the universal law of
averages. It had been a night of underdogs, and I had won.

That is the lesson. Carpe Diem tomorrow holds nothing but
promises of the sun shining.