Nick's Journal
2009-04-15 00:42:42 (UTC)

Just some observations

staring directly at crazy people is the best way to get them
to stop jabbering to you on the bus...surprisingly this same
technique works on law professors as well.

there's this alteration store a few blocks down from my
place. sometimes, when i walk my dog by there at around
9:30 at night i notice a bright light in the shop, and
there, working diligently, well past the usual hours is a
lady who looks like she's 112. now that's it?

people at the dog park are crazy, we all know that. but you
don't experience crazy until your dog nips someone as they
are both heading for the same tennis ball. you'd think
common sense would tell a 40 year old man who apparently has
nothing better to do in the middle of the damn day on a
tuesday than be at the dog park, that if both he and an 80
pound dog are heading for the same tennis ball, he should
probably yield his hand.
he didn't there was a nip. and hysteria ensued.
"does your dog have all his shots?"
"what proof do i have?"
"the tags on his collar."
"where did he nip you?"
"right here!"
"well you can't see it, but it's deifnitely there!!!"

i was brought up to say hello to people. it's just the way
i was brought up. and my upbringing has brought me to say
hello to all those i work with. normally i get a 'hello'
(however unwilling) in response. yet there is one lady, our
CFA who refuses to say hello to me or any of the other legal
interns. maybe she just hates the interns, but i figure
that's something a 15 year old does. but an adult? am i
the only one who thinks it's petty and stupid?

people are petty and stupid. they heap blame on others
where they can. it just sucks.

there's this black girl in my law class. she has the "black
person complex" as i have neatly called it. this is a
complex in which a black person, well aware of the societal
stigmas placed on their race feel the need to go "above and
beyond the call" (i hate that platitude). i was in a group
with this girl and she freaked out over every detail, after
a while i gave up arguing with her and just watch her
frenetic fear of failure with the greatest intrigue.
she's the type who asks questions for the sole purpose of
making herself sound smart. they aren't really questions
but testaments to the class of what she knows. the problem
is that sometimes she misinterprets the law and her
questiosn turn into convoluted convulsions of conviction.
"NO, NO, NO, NO...this would be a condition on a negotiable
interest and would therefore bump it out of section 3 right?"
"no, this is not a is merely a term."
"NO, NO, NO...i read this somewhere..."
and on and on it goes. what conviction. i can't tell if i
should be in awe or terrified that someone who is so
consistently wrong nevertheless believes in themselves so
much...self-reliance is the key.

and of course lastly...i don't know if you saw the jim
cramer/john stewart interview...but my advanced real estate
teacher decided to recreate it with me as jim cramer.
giving what i thought was just a general presentation i was
all of a sudden the subject of a grand inquisition.
uncomfortably standing up there sweating pounds away i could
only thank god that school was soon to be over.

i think that's it.

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