The Laughter Inside My Mind
2009-04-04 16:36:22 (UTC)

Can't help myself, I HAVE to

yesterday at work was a delightful and fast day, i was so
full of energy and i actually couldn't wait to go to curves
after work, i felt great except i could so tell that i
didn't go on Thursday..i have lost another 2 pounds, so i'm
on average 1-2 pounds every day or every other, YAY!! that
makes me so happy, i knew i needed more than just my
treadmill, i needed the whole body work i was very
good with my eating...

talked to the ex last night and that went well, so i'm
suppose to call him at 12:30 today, that's just a hour away
and i'm going to ask him if he wants me to come visit, i am
pretty sure that he does because he has asked me to, so i'm
nervous as hell because i haven't seen him in four years and
we didn't have the easiest divorce..GOD help me and give me
the power not to re-fall in love with him, i don't want that
because i'm actually happy where i am right now in
anyways i will write more tonight and let you know how the
visit went..wish me luck..

Much Love,

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