The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2009-04-01 21:25:32 (UTC)

Owie on day two...

I thought it would be a tad bit more refreshing at curves
today, hell no my muscles in my left leg hurt like hell..i
worked my fat ass off today too, didn't think i was going to
survive the second round, but i did...i slept good and
wasn't too tired at work today so i don't get why working
out killed me so much...bah...

I hated training, and this new person isn't going to last
there very long...i can see it now, he was..hell i don't
even know what word i am looking for, but i don't foresee
him lasting; ah well can't get them all to stay..

Tom was extra flirty again today, so i can't kiss him
tomorrow because i will still be training, so i guess i'll
have to wait to try on Friday.. staring into those beautiful
blue eyes turned me on so much, all i could do was daydream
about him and i getting it on..what a pig you must think i
am..hell i think i am one too but i can't help it...

Found out from the child support agency that i can't get a
passport because of back child support owed, isn't that
fucking retarded? all i want to do is go to Canada for a
couple of damn days, WOW, just fucking WOW.. when it rains
it really pours, i'll keep ya updated...

Much Love,

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