The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2009-03-30 20:20:35 (UTC)

And the Curves Journey to shape up this fat begins....

Yeah so i joined curves today, i'm pretty pumped, they
waived the 199.00 enrollment fee because i went through my
cupboards and packed all the food that was never eaten into
a bag so all it's costing me is only 39.00 a month, i can
live with that if it's going to help me along with my
treadmill to lose more weight and shape up:/ i did pretty
good eating wise as well, i had my carnation instant
breakfast with protein; which i made into a shake this
morning,water at work, then my fiber bar at 8 am, then my
orange juice, then for lunch i had a slim fast shake, then
when i got home i had some cottage cheese, now for dinner i
will eat some fish and part of a baked potato with no skin
and if i want a snack then i will drink another protein
shake, that should be good..i'm so serious about this flabby
shit that i can't stand it...i'm not a spring chicken
anymore, but i can still be healthier, i'm only going to be
38 for fucks sake..well i will for sure keep you updated
once a week on how things are coming at curves, i want to
look better by the 17th of this month for that ball..that's
a little over two weeks away, and i feel that with curves
along with my treadmill i will see some awesome
results...stay tuned

Much Love,