Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2009-03-29 08:35:39 (UTC)


red stained puffed up wide,
smacked with lingering lace
tied down in asphalt tints

slow burn cruising along
the breadth of slender arms
wrapped around pulsed muscle

kinked out the rumpled and
wrecked egyptian wool falls
to the wayside bruised

filled with glee, sated with
fermented rye splashed on
a taste filled blistered rock

rampant indulgence in her lips
crushed with feather weights
the strawberries run amok

torpedo's ram'n'jammed all
night long, crisp and tart
the smoldering lip'smacked

all for all, she festooned
my soul and skated across my
chest with fletched nails

so succulent, I imbibed her
cross hatched ichor dripped
fruit of crushed ambrosia