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2009-03-27 05:26:18 (UTC)

I'm Over It

For a long time I remained speechless
Figured I'd shut up talking
And instead sit-back
Watch reality unfold right before my very eyes
Not even something that I could verbally personify
Hell, I just been wantin' to know one thing...
Why me?
Why can't it appear as it did in snapshot?
Happy endings became cliche, eh?
I tried to reach for those three syl-la-bles
That just the other day,
Fell from your lips
But they were free


No parachute to catch them.
Words hit the concrete face down
Died at initial impact.

Say what you mean
Mean what you say...

Don't have what you asked for in front of you
Then all of a sudden back away!

You knew from jump what it was:
All or nothing
Put your hands up!

What the? still got issues you need to address
I saw the pictures
There's no need to confess

I wish...
I could tear out any pages
With your name's traces
On any part of my memories
For just a minute
So I could just forget it ever existed

It was as if I had forgotten why
I left the first time
I was back pedaling
Walking down memory lane
I was insane--
I continued to stare at the sun
No stunna' shades on
And my vision was blurred
I rub my eyes now and it burns
So I take it
Suck it up
I'm a big girl now.

I choose to turn the other cheek
And I'm not hiding anymore
There's no reason to seek me
I'm saying what's on my mind
No time to hear it?
That too is fine

I will not allow you to tangle my mind like phone cords
Static on the other line?
Now you know why

The lesson has been learned
I took front seat in its classroom
Was a straight "A" student
I was not the dunce
You never fooled me
Not even once

I see right thru you like transparent walls
I will know the sound of love when it calls
And yours sounded like a whisper
I could barely hear it at all...
Gone in the wind
No chance of ever landing
So this is one flight I couldn't make
It would be nothing
Only a big mistake

Something I thought the same for my travels
Hours spent
Hands in the sky like I just don't care!

Yes, what if's surely have subsided now
No currents in this ocean
Sail straight ahead in full motion...
The sun is shining now
And this time I came well prepared
Eyes covered only for privacy
This is personal
Although, there were no tears shed

And don't think you takin' my muse with you
Naw boo-boo!

I really could be mad at you
Could let you get under my skin...
And you wanna dig deep
Not let me speak

Yo, turn my music up...

Hear that?
There is no harmony between you and me
You don't bend well with this heart's melody.

I have nothing left
I gave you all I had
Pockets are empty
Can't get mad

This heart suffered from famine
The same one that once was filled
To the brim with lots to give
And it tried to feed off of memories
...I did
But it wasn't enough
It could never get full

Thank you though...
I can sleep now
It was just a thought
One that I now have forgotten.

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