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2009-03-26 17:48:37 (UTC)

and the test results are in.

Im not pregnant.
Thank God!

I took one test two days ago and this morning took one
again just to be sure.
and nope Im not.

Eric actually asked me yesterday if I was on my period yet,
so I told him what happened and that ya it still hasnt
started but dont get worried about it.

So Tuesday was the funnest day ever.
I was just sitting around bored and asked ryann what she
was up to. Ended up going to her house and Eric came over
too for a little bit. He left to go to the movies (which
was suppose to be a guys night but trevor invited mel)Ryann
and I had blaine come and get us and we went to his house.
mansion is more like it.After awhile of being there we went
to tylers cause he was having a party.
Tyler, Kayla, Tasha, Anthony, David, John, Fran, Chad,
Troy, two other guys, Me, Ryann and Blaine were there.
After awhile I asked eric is he was coming. Him and matt
did come later that night.
But gosh, everyone was smoking and getting totally
high..such a funny thing to be around. We made pizza and
tyler and kayla literally had a ten minute talk about how
the pizza was just amazing and each bite was perfect...they
were so out of it. We watched bolt and ate ice cream, had
tyler and john sing and play guitar, troy on the drums. We
all ended up staying the nigh..well only kayla, Ryann,
John, eric and I. And of course tyler and troy since its
their house.
Non of us but troy and tyler went to sleep. Note that I did
have school in the morning.
I stayed up all night. We all ended up crashing once tyler
woke up and called into work to say he wasnt coming in.
So eric and I tried to sleep on the couch once john left to
go back to his house. It didnt work out too well. I barely
dozed off and it was time to go to school.
I looked like a mess and was wearing the same thing as the
day before hah.
After school I went back to tylers and fell asleep for a
bit until Eric woke up and we went to safeway and then he
dropped me off.

Eric leaves the 12th of next month..its coming so fast I
hate it. But I know itll be alright and the time will fly
by. I just dont want to loose another guy best friend. I
always do.
Tomorrow I leave for pacific beach here in washington with
my girls to start spring break off. Karleigh has a beach
house down there and even though its washington weather
still, itll be fun.
I get back on sunday and then Ill probably be spending most
of my spring break with ryann hanging out at tylers or
whatever most the time.

well I need to go take a shower, I rushed this morning and
didnt have time.

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