My Aphrodisiac
2009-03-20 01:41:09 (UTC)

Ungrateful Folk

So, I was livid this afternoon. I got a message that highly
pissed me off and I have got to write about it as a note to
self: NEVER,EVER fuck with people from the past again. It's
a reason why they're and EX.

Being the kind person that I am, I sent a package to
Frantzy. When I went to Paris, I completely forgot to bring
the athletic tape that he requested. So, although hella
late, I sent it to him. I recall him asking for black so I
got the only two black rolls that were left and a six pack
of white. Hell, I figured he just needed the tape for
football. Anyhow, this mothafucka sends me a message today
that reads:

Hey Faith, I got the package. It's obvious that you are
not too good at following instructions cause I never asked
for white tape...but at least you made the effort.

(Oh, no this French BITCH didn't!) --- My facial expression.

Yes, he did. I was utterly ticked the fuck off with his
thinking that I owed him something and being completely
ungrateful. He has burned this bridge officially and would
like to never speak to me again long as we live. FUCK THAT!
FUCK HIM! The audacity of that fool. I don't even wanna
discuss anymore. Just know that he better not ever form his
mouth to ask anything of me. Not even an answer to, "How
was your day?" Calls will go unanswered. Emails unread.
And whatever else sort of communication; NO MAS!

...the audacity of that nigga.