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2009-03-11 21:33:14 (UTC)

"after sex their emotions run wild"

one of my friends said that a few years ago to my ex at the
time. It was a joke but its serious in my case now.
Eric had thought our friend samantha was cute when he first
met her and we tried to hook them up..she wasnt for it
though. not her "type" but shes never even gone with her
type in the first place.
At the beginning of the year she was dating a guy oddly
named eric. So since then every time she talks about a eric
I assume its him..i was wrong. Her and MY eric have been
hanging out a lot. IM SO JEALOUS
Its eating me up inside. WHAT IF THEYVE KISSED!?
Shes a huge tease . ahh i hate it so much.
Eric and I are basically dating now. He picks me up and we
go out to ice cream, the movies, tylers, his house whatever.
So I have no reason to feel he is trying something on
her..hes a sweetheart and I know he wouldnt do that. But Im
a girl and I want him to be MINE. We've been having sex a
lot too so its messing with my head.
I dont know if I should say anything to him about it, ask
what we are, ask about them I DONT KNOW.
Troy, tylers roommate the other night asked us whats going
to happen when eric leaves next month for TWO YEARS!?
...we were just silent.
I dont want to be a bitch and say HEY ERIC DONT HANG OUT
but thats how I feel. I love her but even today at school I
was so depressed around her. She is pretty..kind of
mean..but gets along so well with guys. AHHH
I just hate feeling this way. Im never jealous..so im unsure
how to handle it.

Anyways, Melanie and ryann now know about eric and I. Its
cool. Melanie found out on my birthday. All because I didnt
know what to do. The night before we had sex again and the
condom broke..he freaked out this time and wanted me to buy
the plan b pill. To me thats wrong..its an abortion
basically. So I talked to mel about it and ya ok I lied to
him..I said I bought it but didnt. There is still a chance I
could be pregnant. :/ Bad right!? but its unlikely It
happened two days after my period and usually girls dont
ovulate until 14 days after their period starts. So..scary
but we'll just see. Im going to buy a pegnancy test if I
miss my period this month..and if I were to be pregnant..Im
scared what eric will say. IM NOT EVER GETTING AN ABORTION.
we've actually sort of talked about if I did get pregnant
and his only true true concern is..im still in highschool.
so.. :/ idk man.