Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2009-02-28 15:08:32 (UTC)

Saturday morning..

The plans we originally had for last night changed last
minute; as usual. So my best guy friend and I still went
out to drink. We had a few drinks at this Martini bar
downtown. It was so nice to just hang out with me. We
usually do, but lately we haven't.

The older we get, the more distant or distracted we become
with life that we sometimes forget about those who can
always make you laugh.

I had such a good time with my buddy. We updated each other
on our love life, school, friends. I love him a lot and he
knows it.

I think mentally I just needed to hang out with my friend. I
spend time with my boyfriend and my best friend, but it just
isn't enough at the moment.

I'm going out tonight with my boyfriend and my other two
close friends.

I'm starting to wonder why my boyfriend hasn't introduced me
to his friends. Well, I met his bestfriend (that's who we
met through) but I'm sure he has more. I asked him about it
and he said i met everyone- his bestfriend.. ahaha.. funny
guy.. NO. Whatever, I'm not keeping my mind on this issue.

So, I'm just sitting here wondering what I should do from
now to 4pm. Maybe wax my legs since I'm going shopping for
some spring/summer clothes. I'll probably watch tv for a bit
then take a nap. Hmm..