Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2009-02-27 16:51:24 (UTC)

Oh Fridays..

So my friends plan on going to a gay bar tonight. I'm
debating whether or not I should go. If I don't go, I could
spend time with my boyfriend. But then I was thinking.. I'm
going to see him saturday afternoon and then go out with my
friends in the evening- that's too much of him. And if we do
end up doing anything.. what are we going to do?

He told me to let him know if plans tonight are cancelled.
I like him a lot.. I honestly do. But I think I need to
spend time with my friends without him. I need that space right?

For about a week he's been going to his buddy's house in the
evening while I sit at home. Which is completely fine. I
want us to have time apart and spend it with our friends.

Now, I really really want to go out tonight. The only issue
I have now is my parents. They are going to ask questions
about HOW will I be getting home. They're so protective, I
like it, but sometimes when they worry, it worries me.. alot!

Hopefully my older is able to pick me up tonight, or else
I'm fucked.

I hate getting home late, all alone.

I hope it works out. I need to go out with my friends and
have a drink. I deserve it.