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2009-02-27 05:50:38 (UTC)

Feeling Down

My presentation today went ok. I like bit my cheek at some
point in the middle of it though so like now I can't eat
like grapes or something lol. That's ridiculous. I looked
ok I think. I was myself. I was cool I answered questions
and I helped shuffle people around. So I think I'm ok. I
don't think I did anything wrong.

I talked to Sami and her dad a little bit. I went up and
was like hey how's it going had your interview yet. And
she's like no I'm the last one of the day. I told her
things like I'm sure she'll get it and that the interviews
are no big deal and a piece of cake and her dad said my
presentation was good. And awkwardness was kept to a
minimum so I think I'm ok.

I really don't have anything against her besides like
jealousy. But I think that's easily contained.

I don't know if her parents dislike me.

I decided that peoples dad's need to not be so softspoken.

Elliott had mono but he's here again. Still kinda sick
still. I hope I never get mono. It sounds horrible.

I have a math midterm tomorrow.

If everything's ok, why do I feel so down?

because it's not over.

the cold is coming.

PS it snowed today.